1st Grade News!

Ward- October 14, 2016

If you need me!

Here are some ways to keep in touch with our room:

  • if you need me, or have a question PLEASE call or e-mail (cell 816-522-3131, krisi_ward@isdschools.org)
  • Don't forget to Like our classroom Facebook page
  • If you are not on Seesaw yet and need a new invite let me know


  • Please send in your conference request if you have not already. We will be sending home confirmations with times on them!
  • This year I would like to ask parents to send in snacks once a quarter. Please send in prepackaged snacks for 22. Some options would be individual bags of pretzels, fruit snacks, fruit by the foot, crackers, sting cheese. etc.
  • No School Friday October 28th and Monday October 31st

This Week

Jolly Phonics- This week we will be focusing on the double ss and double zz sound. Our class is changing up how we do our spelling test. We are shortening our test to 10 words. 5 will focus on our spelling rule and 5 will be our tricky words. Each week the words will be written in Chatter Matter on Monday. Here are the words this week:

  1. buzz
  2. cross
  3. less
  4. miss
  5. crossroads
  6. some
  7. said
  8. here
  9. there
  10. they

Reading- Inferring- using our schema and information from the text to make a prediction. Inferring is a thinking skill not just a reading skill so we are talking about it in science also.

Writing- Opinion Writing using our collections:

  1. Stating our opinion
  2. Defending our opinion with reasons
  3. Creating an ending

Math- We are working on ways to subtract. For this chapter we are subtracting within 10. This is a great skill to practice at home.

Science- Our new unit is on Light Energy!


If you have sold any Major Saver Cards send in your packet!