Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Andrew Thomas


this story takes place in a small appartment building in Chinatown, San Fransisco.


jing mei: Daughter who is forced to do things her mom wants her to do.                                                                                                                                                          Mother: Forces her daughter to do something that will make her famous.                                                                                                                                                       Mr. Chong: Tries to teach Jing Mei how to play the piano.


Eposition: All the characters are introduced and described.Rising Action: Her mother wants her daughter to be a Protigy and is forced into piano lessons, but Jing mei just wants to be herself.Climax: Jing Mei does poorly at her first piano recital. and embares herself and dissapoints her mother.falling action: Even though she didnt do well at the piano recital her mom still urges her to practice piano and thats when Jing Mei goes off on her mom about how doesnt want to play the piano and accidentaly brings up a sensitive subject and then on her mother doesnt say anything else about practice. Resolution: Her mom gives Jing Mei the old piano that she used to play on as sentimintle gift.

Internal Conflict

Jing mei is struggling because her mom really wants her to become any type of a child protigy, but Jing Mei just wants to be herself and do what she wants to do.

External Conflict

her mom really wants her to play the piano but Jing Mei doesnt want to, so throughout the story they are always arrguing.


This story is basicly saying if you always obey and respect your parents then everything will be fine.


In the story there were many parts that symbolize real things in the world today, but the one that stood out to me the most was her deaf piano teacher just like Betoven.

In the first part of the story there is a scene in which the daughter sees herself in the mirror. What does she see? What thematic significance could this scene have? How does it relate to the title?

8. just an ordinary face. she never sees herself doing anything special. she just wants to be herself and her mom wants her to be someone famous.

9.Two strong-willed characters are pitted against each other in this story. What went wrong in the relationship between mother and daughter?

because her mom wanted her daughter to be someone who she isnt made it very difficult for them to get along

10.Read carefully the parts dealing with the mother’s earlier life in China. How have her earlier experiences shaped her ambitions for her daughter?

when they were back in china her mom lost 2 babies so now she wants to make up for that and have a child who can do many great things and be famouse for them.