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April 28, 2016

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Genre of the Month: POETRY by Taj, Max, and Vaughn

What do Shel Silverstein and Edgar Allan Poe have in common? The answer is they are poets. We are learning about poetry. Our teacher read us books about poetry. Then we made acrostic poems on our I-pads on the app Book Creator. An acrostic poem is when you put words horizontally. A Cinquain is when when you put one noun, two adjectives, three verbs, four word phrases, and and a synonym. A couplet is a poem when there are two lines and the word at the end of each line that rhyme. A triplet is when there are three lines and the words that rhyme are at the end of each line.. An autobiographical poem is when you make a poem about yourself. Poems are fascinating!

We are...GOWER WEST!

2nd Grade Math by Maya, Liliana, and Danny

Do you know what we did in math? We learned so many things about number lines. For example we solved problems with the number line. On a number line there are so many numbers. We got to learn so many new things.

Also in math there is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We are learning perimeter and area. It is kind of hard. But if you solve area using a multiplication fact the question is easy. Later, it will get harder. Gower math is really cool.

Please return registration papers that came home in the white envelope ASAP.

Enrichment with Mrs. Pollock by Jenna and Josslynn

One of the best things about each week is when Mrs. Pollock comes in our classroom. This week Mrs. Pollock came to do an enrichment with us! We split into 2 groups. One group on the tile floor and another group on the carpet. With Mrs. Pollock we did math problems. One was about if it was odd or even. The other problem was about counting money and finding the total. It was really good for us to learn a lot. We rotated so we all had a chance to do the different math problems. It was a lot of fun!

Special Classes by Jackson, Zander, and Tatiana

Do you want to hear about special classes that we have at Gower West? We have many special classes each week. One of our special classes is P.E. also known as physical education. We are learning how to play a game called 4 square. Also we go to the library every Monday to check out books and sometimes learn at stations like lego puzzles, synonyms and antonyms, and videos. We also have art on Wednesdays. Last week, we started a project involving weaving. We're taking a break from weaving to draw Mexican art. We also have music every Thursday. The first graders had their music program recently. Sometimes we go to the computer lab too. We have lunch everyday and recess. At recess the boys mostly play tag or ball games like soccer. The girls mostly play hop-scotch or house. After recess all of the classes line up behind our color star. Those are all our special classes here at Gower West.

MAP Vocabulary Review by Travis, Ana, and Ava

Do you know what's going on this week? We are reviewing for our math and reading test. It is so so hard! But it is so so fun too! We are using Prepdog.org and Quizlet to review concepts. There are some words that I never knew before! There are some easy questions and there are some hard questions. All of these activities are helping us to do our best!

Buddy Bench by Dea and Sophie

Have you ever heard of a Buddy bench? We just got one on our playground on Gower West. Whenever we feel lonely or shy we sit on the buddy bench. Then when someone comes and asks us if we want to play, we go play. If there are two people are on the Buddy Bench they both play together and if there is three people on the Buddy Bench all three people can play together. The designer of the Buddy Bench is Mrs. Holland the Art Teacher, she worked very hard on it. The rules of the Buddy Bench are, you are not allowed to stand on the Buddy Bench, you are not allowed to lay on the Buddy Bench, you are not allowed to jump on the Buddy Bench, you are also not allowed to swing or hang on the Buddy Bench, and you can't go under the Buddy Bench. You don't need to sit on the Buddy Bench and wait until someone comes, if you see someone you want to play with you can go and play with them. If you're shy and you don't know them you should still ask them anyway. If someone asks you to play something and you don't want to play that, you can do Rock Paper Scissors. You can also play something else if you can't decide. The Buddy Bench is easy to see. The Buddy Bench is very colorful, and it was really hard to make it. If it snows or rains the Buddy Bench won't get ruined, it has five top coats so it won't peel. With the Buddy Bench you can make a lot of friends!

Celebrations of the Arts by Grace and Luke

Did you know that gower west had a celebration of the arts? The celebration of the arts is throughout preschool and eighth grade. The celebration the arts was on April 14, 5:00pm until 8:30pm. We got to share our art at the celebration of the arts. Some people got to buy artwork. It was a great event!

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Daily Five Literature Update by Peyton, Adrienne, and Ayaan

Daily 5 is fun to do. Mrs. Nigro’s class has been doing 3 sessions of Daily 5 everyday. First you do your assignments on your desk or IPad. When you are done with your work you pick an activity to do. At the back table we have reading groups that means Mrs. Nigro has a group she reads a story with. You can finish the things that you didn't finish the last session. You can also do a newsletter. That means you pick a partner and you pick an activity that is going on in 2nd grade. Some kids get a vocabulary packet that they have to finish by Friday or Thursday. Then all the other kids do this app called Spelling City. Then when you are done with your work at your desk. Mrs. Nigro goes over it with the class and see if you did it right or wrong. Sometimes Mrs. Nigro lets you do your work with a buddy. If you don't know how to spell something and Mrs. Nigro is busy with the kids at the back table you have to look in dictionary. If you are done with your writing assignment you can free write in your journal or on your IPad. During Daily 5 if you are being quiet you get to sign the Affirmation board. Sometimes Mrs. Nigro gives you fun work at your desk. Our 2nd grade class loves Daily 5 time.