By Aiden Deshaies

A Race to Build a Better Bomb

It was early in 1939 when a scientist unlocked the secret to spiting atoms, something unheard of at the time. Not to long after that scientists realize a bomb of extreme magnitude could be made. The US government named the project the Manhattan project and put Robert Oppenheimer in charge of it. Photo Of Nuclear Bomb During Explosion

Could Their be a More Powerful Bomb

After scientist finished Making the nuke they said a stronger more powerful bomb could be created. The bomb would be a hydrogen bomb and they say it would be much more powerful than a nuke. Most if not all of them refused to help make a weapon of that power. Other countries have claimed a hydrogen(HI-tro-gen) bomb ,but other countries doubt this claim. But if it was true, they could wipe out entire city's with one H-Bomb when it would take 5 nukes.

How it Works

The nuclear bomb is a deadly weapon, but how does it work. It all starts with splitting atoms so the nucleus is open to be merged with another nucleus. By doing this many protons and neutrons come together and begin traveling faster and faster until they cant be contained, then causing a explosion. This may seem like it takes awhile but it happens within a sixth of a second.
Photo of nuclear bomb and how it works

Spies of The War

Since the USSR and the Nazis didn't have the good equipment or scientist they would send spies into America to get Intel on the Nuke. If a Spy was caught they would be sent to jail or used to get american hostages back. America sent few spies to the other countries, and they were only their to keep watch and see if the other scientist were catching up. If they made a breakthrough the USSR and the Nazi would be "denied" access to their top scientist any way possible.