An Extinct animal

Written By: Yarden Kalfa 7th Grade


  • Name of animal: Mammoth.
  • It lives: The Mammoth was common in Asia, Europe and Africa.
  • It eats: Mammoths ate plants,weeds and leaves.
  • It can: Mammoths can survive at a very low temperatures thanks to its thick fur. Mammoths can also uproot trees because of its their strength.
  • It can't: Mammoths cannot tolerate heat.
  • Interesting facts about the animal: The biggest mammoth was 4-5 meters tall. Mammoth ivory could get up to 5 meters and weigh 400 kilograms.

My animal description

The Mammoth belongs to the elephant family, but most of the Mammoths are bigger and furrier. The Mammoth is a big animal, it can get up to 4-5 meters tall and weigh 7 ton. The Mammoth has greate ivory horns, which can get up to 5 meters and weigh 400 kilograms. The Mammoth has a small tail and a long trunk (like the elephant's trunk).


I think that the Mammoth is a unique animal because when it became extinted its fossils that were found revealed not only the way the mammoths lived, but also what our world was like back in the times it lived.

Comparing the Mammoth to an Elephant

Both animals are big, have trunks and ivory horns.They are vegeterians. The Mammoth is much bigger and full of fur. Also the Mammoth lived in a much colder area.

The Mammoth as a pet?

I would like a Mammoth as a pet because it is a cute animal, full of fur, I could ride it and it would protect me.