Leader Profile

Early Bio

Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria. In Hitlers early years he loved the arts. His father disapproved of this because he wanted his interests to be in buisness. He also had a love for nationalism and was against Austria-Hungary. Hitlers mother allowed him to drop school after his father passed. Hitler went to Vienna to paint and be a laborer. He applied to the Academy of Fin Arts but never made it. He was out of money and out of a job. Hitler moved into a homeless shelter where it is believed he started to gain his anti-semitism ways. Hitler then went to enlist for World War 1.
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Political Influence

Hitler fought for Germany in WWI. He was not present on the front lines very much but he was in very important battles and was wounded in Somme. After his service he went to work in the military as an intelligence officer. He monitored the German worker groups (DAP). With his monitoring, he saw the anti-Semitic views of the DAP leader, Anton Drexler. In 1919, Hitler was invited and joined the DAP. Hitler helped the DAP increase their appeal. He changed the name to NSDAP and personally designed the party banner. Hitler also called for revolution with a party he started called the Beer Hall Putsch.
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Gaining Power (speech)

Hitlers speech helped him gain supporters. He used the trick of making people see the bad sides of the Jewish and people and only the bad sides. He did not show any good side to the Jewish people. He made them seem like they would cause a war and that they welcomed war completely. Hitler tried to get people to see the problems the Jewish people had and he hid all the good things. Hitler then went on to talk about how their enemies were the ones wanting war. He talked about how they attacked schools and children, hospitals, and other important places to the people. Hitler made it seems as if he had no part in these attacks and that he was innocent. He stated," I have had little response to these attacks," which is a lie I'm guessing. He used the tatics of making himself look good and his enemies bad. I think this worked because he had a lot of support trough the war. Once people realized what he was really trying to do they started to die off and stop supporting. I think he gained the desired support but then he lost it as the war went on.