A WIN-WIN 2014

A New Milestone

Should I continue?

The 14 flavours of Hansells Yoghurt Mix have made their appearances in Malaysia for more than a year now. In less than a month, they will be celebrating their 2nd Chinese New Year here in Malaysia.

I must say many people in this country are still new to the idea of making yoghurt as part of their daily food; many still take yoghurt as desserts. The journey of educating consumers has not been easy and rewarding in terms of monetary gain but an enriching one to the soul. I have made many friends along the journey. The most rewarding is when I learned that the product has made a difference in someone's health.

Should I continue this journey as it is more of an uphill battle for me; with the increase in the exchange between NZD and MYR, the price hike for all dairy products from New Zealand and also to deal with the increase in transport charges here in our country.

For the sake of the people who trusted Hansells and my friends who trusted me, I know I should continue. I just need to stay focus and keep climbing until I reach the peak where I will stand taller than the mountain.

I want to THANK YOU for your patronage thus far and look forward to your continuous support. In order to help you include yoghurt as part of your daily food, I have decided to make 2014 a win-win year for you and me. Check out 2014 CNY promotions and discounts!

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