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Middle School SAGE Website

The middle school SAGE website is a great resource for our families and students to use to stay up to date with our middle school SAGE program.

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Engage with SAGE

The art work above is the work of 7th grader Isabelle Knapp’s.

Future Engage with SAGE episodes

The middle school teachers created a YouTube show for students called Engage with SAGE! The goal behind the creation is to create a virtual interactive show for students to enjoy and stay connected to SAGE.

Check out our future episodes and see how you can get involved!

High School Edition- December 2nd 11:00 AM

We will be having High School SAGE students from all four high schools joining us for Engage with SAGE. They will be here to answer your questions about high school.

Video Link

If you have questions you can ask them live or fill out the Microsoft Form.

David Hensley: Business Owner and Local Entrepreneur- December 9th 11:00 AM

Come meet David Hensley, a local entrepreneur and co-founder of a popular Kansas City hotspot.

Video Link:

Please send in a picture of your pet(s) for this Engage with SAGE episode. You can have your child email their IQ teacher through Canvas or email

Teacher Game Day: Winter Edition- December 16th 11:00 AM

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Past Engage with SAGE episodes

Check out some of our previous episodes:

Engage with SAGE: Game Time (recorded 11/18/29)- Watch as the teachers play "Drawful." Is there an artist in the bunch?

Engage with SAGE: Patriotic Jeopardy (recorded 11/11/20)- Watch as teachers play Jeopardy. Also, there is a mini slide show honoring veterans.

Engage with SAGE: Teacher Lego Challenge (recorded 11/4/20)- Watch as teachers create an animal out of Legos. Also, there is a mini slide show with fall/Halloween pictures from the SAGE students.

Engage with SAGE with Nate Bukaty (recorded 10/28/20)- Nate Bukaty is a Sportscaster who is widely known for his time as the play-by-play announcer for the MLS' Sporting Kansas City. He has also risen to wide popularity for hosting The Border Patrol program on Kansas City's Sports Radio 810. ​

Engage with SAGE with AY Young (recorded 10/14/20)- AY Young, age 29, a singer- songwriter, dancer, producer, entertainer, sustainability advocate, non-profit founder and entrepreneur, who grew up in Kansas City, MO, has been named "1 of 17" global 2020 Youth World Leaders by the United Nations for a two-year term. AY is one of the first artists to power his concerts with 100% renewable energy. AY Young is the founder of the Battery Tour, which is a collaborative platform that advances the SDGs by leveraging music as a vehicle to drive innovation in performance artistry, energy security, and global relief through sustainable education, empowerment, and experience.

Engage with SAGE: Duffett's Cooking Show (recorded 10/7/20)- Cook along with Ms. Duffett as she makes 3 kinds of brownies.

Engage with SAGE: Teacher Watch Party (recorded 9/30/20) Join the SAGE teachers as they view funny or not so funny video clips.



Every week in middle school SAGE, students participate in a time called “circles.” This time is reserved as a time of listening to each other and offers every student a safe setting to be able to voice their perspective. Circles have main topics upon which the questions are based, such as motivation or self-care. It has proven to be a very effective way to provide meaningful connections between students and teachers in a time when we have very unique challenges in education. The questions asked during circles are great conversation starters for anyone wanting to foster a connection with others. Here is one question resource we use as we develop topics for our circles:
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Students are starting to turn in their proposals for their GUILDS project. This is a project that they have chosen that they are passionate about. They have had to brainstorm ideas, ask driving questions, and will now submit a proposal to their teacher. The real work begins now. Students will start researching their topic and decide what their final project will look like. This project will span the rest of the school year. We have encouraged students to think big.


This semester students have focused on learning more about themselves, their emotions, and building empathy. Self- Awareness, Self- Management, and Social Awareness have been our main affective topics. We have closely tied these skills to our circles to give students the opportunity to discuss and hear how their peers are feeling. In addition, executive functioning skills have been taught and practiced to provide opportunities for students to practice organization, manage their time, and check in on their grades. Our goal has been to support students through this turbulent time and give them the tools and space they need to navigate and be successful.

Critical Problem Solving

Critical thinking is a learned skill that requires instruction and practice. Gifted students have been practicing this skill by participating in instructional strategies that engage students in the learning process.

Unit of Studies

First Lego League

Students have been exploring activities we can do in different spaces for play and how we can ensure that our games and activities are fun and accessible for everyone involved. They have also been working on building and programming their robot to perform missions on the table. All the information about the Challenge Missions, Field Set Up and Robot Game Rules can be found at

Elements and Principles of Design

Elements and Principles of Design students examined how graphic designers incorporate the basic elements and principles within their artwork. Students then created their own artwork, specifically incorporating their choice of elements and principles within it. Students then examined how photographers use a variety of composition styles to turn images into artwork and then tried experimenting with their own composition shots using their iPad cameras and the area surrounding the SAGE Center as their subjects. To complete the semester, students will choose two areas of graphic design work to learn more about and will create a choice project that showcases their learning.


The 6th graders are doing an amazing job with Arduinos this year. Even though we only meet every other week, they have been working extra hard to get as many projects done as they can. Everyone has completed the push button light up LED project and the 9 LED bar graph. Many students are now in the process of building and coding the 7-segment light project. All of this is done in addition to learning how to calculate resistors and write/read schematic symbols.

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Special Effects:

Like everything in 2020, we had a few technology hiccups at the beginning of the semester with Special Effects. Those are in our rear-view mirror and students are speeding ahead with their projects. First year students are learning the overview of how Premiere Pro and After Effects work. Second+ year students are diving into projects of their choosing. The green screen area has been relocated for easy access and the Padcasters are now all equipped with updated iPads and wheels. Students will be posting their finished projects to the class Weebly in the near future.

Laser Etching GUILD:

This year for GUILDS, Mrs. Shaffer’s class has been using the Laser Etcher to Design with Others in Mind. The 6th graders teamed up with a local business and laser etched some mugs. Students had the opportunity to get a feel for what it would be like to process an order if they had a small business, and in turn, the business owner was able to join the class virtually and answer questions about running a small business.

Biomedical Engineering:

Students in biomedical engineering have been using the design process to solve problems related to various human body systems. They have designed newspaper shoes, a cast or splint for a broken bone, and a tool and procedure to clear a blocked artery. They will soon be creating a recipe for enteric coating on medication in order to protect a sensitive stomach. Students are gaining new understanding of human anatomy and are applying the design process in creative ways to solve challenges.

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Exploring Architecture

The architecture explorers have been investigating the careers of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects.

We are working with the Veteran’s Community Project to learn about how they help veterans in their tiny home village. Architecture students have selected a discipline and are creating a tiny home design or outdoor community space. They will be utilizing the architectural process to create their designs.

Art of Engineering UOS:

We have learned the basic 6 types of bridges and their pros and cons. Students then chose a style of bridge to build and have learned a variety of skills from laser cutting to the band saw depending on their needs. They then gave their bridge some personality by incorporating artistic elements. We will be calculating load, tensile and compression limits to get a basic understanding of material strength. Next, we will be working on mobiles and exploring kinetic energy, convection and how equilibrium is needed for our design.
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Stock Market Challenge

Students have been busy paying attention to their world and how outside forces can affect the Stock Market. Each student has had access to their virtual $100,000 since October 12, and have been busy thinking like investors. The competition will end on December 11. There are over 350 teams competing at the middle school level, and SAGE students are doing amazing!
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Virtual ONLY- Units of Study

Future Cities students are examining city infrastructure and walkability issues, as they continue to work on their design projects.

Imagineering in a Box students are designing park maps that incorporate design elements from the themes they have selected and allow for efficient traffic flow patterns.

Digital Communications students are examining a variety of camera angles, & incorporating them into their trailers and title sequence projects.

Winter Activities

Coding: has introduced easy-to-digest, 20 minute interactive lessons that will stream twice daily during Computer Science Education Week, Monday through Friday, December 7-11


The secrets of KC looks interesting there is also a conversation on the Legacy of the KC Chiefs.

There are some great resources. If you want to do some genealogy they have resources for looking up your family history.


They have some live streaming events


Seems to be only in person events are planned but most of it is outdoors.

Science City/Union Station

has some classes and exhibits but seems to mostly in person. I know the Jumbo max theater is showing Christmas movies. I assume they are limiting the number of guests.

Christmas walk through

WWI Museum Virtual exhibitions:

They also have in online and in-person exhibitions.

Nelson Atkins:

Virtual things to do at the Nelson


They are not open yet but will sometime over winter break or early Jan.


Indoors but are limiting the number of participants in the climbing classes.

KC Symphony:

They have some outdoor concerts

KC Rep:

Live stream to your home the Christmas Carol

Kaufman Center:

Themed menus to be eaten at home and cookie decorating kits

Christmas lights display drive through:

Luminary walk:

Powell Gardens:

Online Cook class that Mrs. Owsley is taking with her son Cooper:

KC Stem Alliance challenges

VR/AR Hack Dec. 4-6th for high school

Cool Science art competition- K-12

Coming Soon...2nd Semester Information