Animal Vision

By: CeCe Karklus

Under Water Animals

Even though all these animals live under the water, they all have very different sight. Like shrimp and crabs have the least developed vision. Sharks also have eyes that aren't so great. Their vision is close to ours but they can not detect any color, so to them everything is grey . So even though they all share a home they have very different views on the world.
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Land Animals

Dogs and cats were thought to be unable to detect color, but after doing more tests they soon discovered they could see color just not as well as humans. There is also the Tarsier which is a small nocturnal animals, which have amazing vision, there eyes are huge compared to most animals. Then there is the leaf tailed gecko which has strange but very good eyes, their pupils are vertical, with a strange pattern on them. Not all animals have good vision but these are just some of the animals with amazing views on the world.
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Flying animals

Animals that fly actually have really good eyesight. The eagle and other predatory birds have really good vision, they can see hundreds of meters away, along with other flying birds. They can also see color well, their eyes are better than those of a human. All types of animals have different types of vision.
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