~a serious infection~

What malaria is, the signs and symptoms of it,how people get it, and how you can prevent it =)

Malaria is an infection that is common in hot, tropical areas. Sometimes it causes mild illness in some people and life-threatening illness in other people. The signs and symptoms of malaria are: 1. irritably 2. drowsiness 3. poor appetite 4. trouble sleeping 5. chills 6. a fever 7. rapid breathing 8. sweating 9. nausea 10. headache 11. aches and pains all over the body, and more. People get malaria by being bit by a mosquito who bit someone else who has it. Malaria can be prevented by using mosquito-control programs that are aimed at killing mosquitoes that carry it. Malaria can also be prevented by using insecticide-treated bed nets because most malaria-carrying mosquitoes bite during the night.

Malaria long ago


Long ago, in the time of Laura Ingalls Wilder, people knew malaria as fever'n'ague. When Laura was little, she and her family lived on the prairie with a few neighbors. There, her whole family got sick with fever'n'ague (a.k.a. malaria). They were down all at once. The Ingalls were too sick to get out of bed except for Laura. The symptoms that the Ingalls had are that they got hot then they got cold and they ached all over. They were lucky enough for one of their neighbors, Mrs. Scott, to have found them to take care of them. Then Mrs. Scott got a doctor to help her take care of them.