5/8/23 - End of Year (LHS ONLY)

Breaking News: LHS Dress Code Pilot


Dear Lions,

Beginning on Monday, May 8th - LHS will PILOT our revised dress code policy.

Throughout this school year, our LHS student leaders did a great job using their voice professionally and advocating for change in the proper way. I met with our Student Council representatives and two student ambassadors to discuss a proposed change in our dress code policy. The below guidance is our compromise from that discussion.

The Student Council Advisors and I also met with the School Board Policy Committee to review and present the change. During the April 24, 2023 school board meeting, the BOE decided to allow a pilot of this revision for LHS ONLY throughout the remainder of the school year.

We are asking students to keep in mind they are dressing for school and not dressing to hang out with friends. Students still need to be mindful of what they choose to wear. As adults, we all have clothing designated for specific venues: work, going-out, church, etc. Our students are asked to keep that in mind, too.

All students must dress in "school appropriate" attire. "School Appropriate" is defined below.

We do not allow hoodies or head coverings (i.e. head scarves) for security reasons. We need to be able to see everyone's faces clearly on our security cameras.

The BOE and Administration reserve the right to return to uniforms in September if on-going dress code violations continue throughout this pilot.


Dr. Kristin P. O'Neil


Lindenwold Public School District

Presentation Shared with LHS Students Today:



1. Sweatpants and joggers in any color are permitted.

2. Jeans/pants may be worn without rips and/or tears.

3. Mesh pants and mesh material are not permitted.

4. Leggings may be worn ONLY with a top that comes to one’s thigh.

5. Shorts may be worn as long as they are at the end of fingertip length (approx. 4 inches above the knee)


1. Shirts may have school appropriate writing, patterns, and/or graphics in any color.

2. Brand name logos on shirts are permitted.

3. Hoodies may be worn as long as hoods are NOT worn over the head. (This is a safety issue in the hallways and large meeting venues.)

4. Bare midriffs, crop tops, cut-off shirts, or any clothing showing one’s stomach or mid-to-low back are not permitted.


1. Dresses must be the appropriate length. (Length must be no shorter than fingertip length (approx. 4 inches above the knee.)

2. Dress sleeves must be beyond one’s shoulders.

3. Dresses with spaghetti straps or tank straps must be worn under a cardigan, sweater, blazer, etc.


1. Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times, such as shoes, sneakers, etc. All foot wear must be secured to the student's feet.

2. The soles of one’s shoes should reflect an “outdoor” sole. (i.e. no slippers)

3. Crocs are permitted if they are worn in “sport” mode (with a strap secured to the back of one’s heel.)

4. Flip-flops, slides, clogs, slippers, or thongs are not permitted for safety reasons.


1. Hats of any kind (knit caps, ball caps, etc.) sweatbands or combs/picks are not to be worn in the building. The only exceptions are for medical or religious reasons. Both exceptions require official documentation.

2. Sunglasses or glasses with dark lenses may not be worn in the building without a doctor’s note.

3. Outdoor garments, coats, hats, hoods, and gloves may not be worn inside the building after the homeroom bell rings. Students are expected to keep those items in their lockers during the day.



1. Pupils may not wear clothing or engage in grooming practices that present a health or safety hazard to the individual pupil or to others.

2. Pupils may not wear clothing or accessories which cause excessive wear or damage to school propriety or others.

3. Clothing may not materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or create a disruption the educational program.

4. Pupils may not wear clothing that prevent the pupil or others from achieving their educational objectives.

5. Clothing that contains suggestive, derogatory, racially offensive, obscene language or clothing that refers to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or other illegal substances are prohibited.

6. Clothing that refers to criminal/illegal activity or gang activity are prohibited.


Enforcement of the dress code will be done without regard to of race, ethnicity, age, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, disability, or other diverse background. Building administration will make the final determination if a student’s attire meets the approved dress code.

Students choosing not to wear the approved dress attire will be disciplined as indicated in each school's Code of Conduct. Students will always be given the opportunity to change into an appropriate outfit if at all possible before any discipline action is taken. When a student does not comply and has been given the opportunity to change clothing, an alternate learning placement for the day will be made available for the student as necessary. However, the goal as a district is to always use exclusion from school activities and classroom experiences as a last resort.