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2022-2023 School Year


February 23rd-Pre-UIL at LTHS

February 28th-Honors Band Go Time/6th period rehearsal with clinician

March 4th-Social after school

March 7th-Cookie Dough Delivery after school

March 8th-9th UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest at LTHS (Symphonic band 8th, honors band 9th)

Mark your calendars:

Saturday April 30th-7th and 8th grade Band Trip to Fiesta Texas

We will perform in San Antonio and then attend Fiesta Texas. We had originally reserved this weekend as a band trip and have been approved to travel on Saturday.

The band will be paying for the transportation (chartered) and festival performance costs. Students will be responsible for park admission.

Estimated cost $75 (includes park admission and meal voucher) official sign up coming before spring break.

Congratulations to a successful 5th grade showcase this past Wednesday. Our band students performed wonderfully and represented our program with pride. We look forward to our new members of the BCMS joining us this fall.

Wednesday February 23rd-Pre-UIL Schedule (updated schedule)

Our Pre-UIL evaluation will take place on Wednesday February 23rd. This is an important event as it gives the students the chance to perform on the stage that UIL will take place on.

UIL for band is comprised of a concert performance with 3 songs the students have been working on and a sightreading performance where the students will have 7 minutes to learn a piece of music they have never seen before and then perform it for the first time.

A reminder that solid black shoes will be required for our formal performances/competitions this semester. Shoes do not need to be dress shoes but need to be solid black from sitting and walking view.

All missing uniform parts will be distributed in class tomorrow.

Symphonic band schedule:

7:30am Drop off at the band hall, dressed in uniform

7:45 Rehearse at BCMS

8:15 Breakfast (provided by band and pack equipment)

9:00am Load/Depart for LTHS

9:25 Warm Up

9:50 Perform at LTHS

10:30 Load and depart back to BCMS

11:30 Students return to 4th period

Honors Band schedule:

11:30am Students report to A lunch and change during lunch

12:00 Warm Up/Pack

12:30 Depart to LTHS

1:15 Warm up at LTHS

1:40 Perform at LTHS

2:40 Load and depart back to BCMS

3:00 Students return to BCMS

We are in need of parent chaperones to assist with uniforms and assistance of percussion equipment. Parents who help the band are welcomed to attend this performance.

UIL/Festival/Upcoming performances

We are in preparation of our UIL and festival season where we are evaluated and judged in performances. It is important that students are diligently keeping up with playing their instrument during class and outside of class in expected and unexpected breaks from school. Every individual matters to the contribution of the whole group!


Please consult with a band director (except percussion) if you are expecting to have braces this semester. Some instruments are more frustrating than others, but all are impacted in an adjustment period. If at all possible, we would like to avoid right before important performances.

Fundraiser (Cookie Dough Delivery)-

Cookie dough delivery/pick up will be Monday, March 7th after school. The band hall will have extended hours this evening, please make arrangements for pick up.

Symphonic Band Sectionals

Tuesday AM: Clarinet

Tuesday PM: Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Thursday AM: Flute, Oboe

Friday AM: Jazz Band

Honors Band Sectionals

Tuesday AM: Trumpets

Tuesday PM: Saxophones
Wednesday PM: Percussion (Honors and Symphonic)

Thursday AM: French Horns

Friday AM: Jazz Band

Please communicate with a director ahead of time if your student needs to miss a sectional.

Sectionals are scheduled around the BCMS athletic schedule. In rare circumstances, there will be a game and sectional conflict, in which students will attend their game. Students will attend sectionals one time per week and are excused from their athletics practice. We have a wonderful relationship with our coaching staff who believe that well rounded students can be involved in multiple activities and balance schedules.

Sectionals may be subject to change dependent on BCMS sports schedules.

Sectionals that follow concerts or other band events or band staff conflicts will be moved to class time or cancelled at the discretion of the band staff.

Practice Expectations

Band students are required to practice at least 15-20 minutes, 5-7 times per week, outside of class. In class and sectionals do not count as practice. This may include before school, after school, and/or Go Time. We appreciate your support of your student's individual effort to improving their musicianship.

Better players=better band.

Private Lessons

Please fill out the Google form below if you are interested in private lessons.

If you have previously filled out this form, please check your email from a lesson teacher for information or scheduling.


Rising 8th grade information

Our desire is that all band students continue on with band through middle school and even onto high school. We realize there are many choices in middle school and support students in all of their activities and know that students can balance all activities and continue with band. We have many students involved in sports in and out of school, Pre-AP classes, high school credit classes, student aides, church, and many other activities. Please let us know if you have any questions about band for the 2022-2023 school year as course selection information will be coming soon.