Coronavirus Updates & Information

Marshall Academy's COVID Response Team

Update for Families 7/23/20

Dear MA Families,

We met with the Calhoun County Health Department and feel more confident we will remain in Phase 4 and can begin with in-person instruction on August 24th!

At this time, Marshall Academy, if allowed for in-person instruction, will have students report 5 full days a week, though check the school calendar for pre-scheduled days off (especially the first two weeks of school). Any in-person courses will transition to Google Classrooms if necessary to quarantine staff or students, or if our region moves into Phases 1-3.

Marshall Academy WILL BE offering a virtual option. Whether you are immunocompromised, your student is, or any other reason you want to keep your student home, we will offer a virtual option for students in grades 6-12 this year. For more details, please see the note below.

Masks are a key to required protocols for in-person instruction. Please see the note below for details for grades K-12 and proper mask use.

An Open House does not comply with rules for social distancing and indoor gatherings. Therefore, we will be doing things differently this year. High School students can sign up with Mrs. Katz (see email sent through Skyward) for an appointment to receive a schedule, locker, and books. Elementary and middle school families, your classroom teachers will be in touch to schedule appointments within the two weeks preceding the start of the school year.

Remember that any safety protocols shared now are in early stages and could, and likely will with additional feedback and suggestions, change to make for the safest environment we can.

Please don't hesitate to be in touch with questions or concerns,

Leslie Katz

Coordinator - Leslie Katz (Academic Officer); Teacher Representative - Lacey Ferro (3rd grade, coach); Support Staff Representative - Kathy Swett (bus, library, classroom); Front Office - Shannon Kever (Main point of contact); Board Representation - Kasey Williams (Board President; parent); Albion Community - Wanda Kemp (Kids of Hope Community Outreach); Marshall Community - Stephanie Kimball (Fountain Clinic); Parent - Niki VanLente (Marshall); Student - William Costine (sophomore)

CDC Guidelines on Coronavirus Prevention

This site is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Just click the button and it will take you to the website.


We still do not have information about how the CACC will function this next school year. As they formulate their plans, we will share information and updates with you as well! If you hear before us, sometimes parents know more then us in this regard, please share with me.

Platform - for 6-12

If you are interested in keeping your 6th-12th grade student(s) home for learning, we will partner with Edgenuity to provide a full course load for your student.

Format: Edgenuity will be supplying the instructors. That means online English will not be taught by Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Katz, but rather an online instructor through the company of Edgenuity. This is an important distinction. Mrs. Katz will receive updates from Edgenuity instructors on grades and progress, but none of our staff members will be delivering this content. They will be delivering content for in-person instruction and if needed for phases 1-3, Google Classroom instruction.

Commitment: If you choose the virtual option, you must commit to this a semester at a time. Once the school year starts and you are learning virtually with Edgenuity, you cannot switch to in-person instruction or Google Classrooms until the second semester starts in January.

Grading: The final grade for a semester will be recorded on a student's report card/transcript. If coursework is incomplete, an Incomplete grade will be recorded at the end of the semester and that course will have to be taken again.

Signing Up: If you wish to sign-up for the virtual option, you must speak with either Mrs. Katz or Mr. Wilson directly to outline a course of study and expectations.

Curriculum Alignment: Edgenuity has already been used as a credit recovery method at Marshall Academy, and so our staff are familiar with the content. The courses do align with content in our classes, though taught with different resources. The quality and rigor is there.


All students K-12 will need a mask every day

K-5 students will still need a mask for common areas, buses, and specials. Please practice with your student wearing one for different periods of time. Try different materials and adjustable ones for comfort and fit. Consider washable/reusable masks.

6-12 students will wear masks all day. Again, try different styles until you find a comfortable one. Consider washable/reusable masks.

Style and Fit

If you have a set of 5 washable masks for the week, you can hand wash or machine wash on the weekends and be ready for the next week! Masks are to be thrown out after each use, or washed before reuse depending on the style. Some say they can be washed up to 10 times, pay attention to these directions.

Masks should fit snugly over the nose and chin. If a mask is too loose, it is not working to reduce the spread of the virus.

No bandannas will be allowed as face masked. It is part of our uniform/dress code that students do not wear bandannas. No exceptions will be made for face masks.

We do not mind if your face mask is bright, colorful, or has a panda. We do ask that you consider the style and type and whether it would be a distraction to the learning environment. Distractions to the learning environment are not permitted; be conscientious when choosing prints and writing. If you are worried, stick to basic colors and patterns and avoid sayings or pictures.


YOUR attitude about masks and having your students wear them is very important for our safety protocols. Regardless of your political and personal beliefs and feelings, it is required and the more positive you can be building up to school, the better for all involved!

Reminders and Discipline

The staff will go over with students regularly how to properly wear a mask and the rules of when to wear them. As the masks are considered a safety protocol, issues with refusal to wear a mask in school is a safety concern and will be handled by Mr. Wilson through our handbook. That's not to say we won't ask students to wear their masks and to remind them of the proper use, we do this as educators regularly and remind students of expectations positively. It's when there's refusal to comply and the safety issue continues that Mr. Wilson will become involved.


Though you can get a doctor's excuse if your student cannot wear a mask, you will then be asked to provide a face shield for your student. If neither of these are options, please consider the virtual option for school, as the use of masks is the number one way to reduce the spread of the virus at school and it is safer for all involved if all are complying with the protocol. Help us keep students and staff safe.

FAQ on Face Masks in Michigan

Looking for ways to help?


If you haven't received your class list or Mr. Wilson's newsletter yet, you will be surprised that our school supply list has been cut to the bare minimum: backpack, water bottle (with covered cap/mouthpiece for safety - see pictures below), pencil bag/box, masks, lunchbox (if packing a lunch and not using brown bags). All supplies like paper, crayons, scissors, etc. will be supplied by the school. You are welcome to choose your own if you have a preference and prefer certain styles (especially those high school students who have a favorite type of notebook or folder), but the school will have supplies for all students.

The following are items we will be spending a lot of "extra" money on if you would like to make a donation to the school/classroom:


Small water bottles (we are closing the drinking fountains for safety)

Masks (disposable or washable)

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox cleaning wipes