Operation R.E.D.D.

Rescue Educate During Disasters

About Us

Our team name is operation R.E.D.D. What our team name stands for is R for rescue, E for education, D for during, D for disasters. The pilot is Meredith B. The Load master is Sarah S. The Medical officer is Dasha M. The navigator is all of us combined. Our mission is to help the people save their lives and care for those who are hurt from the devastating typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, Philippines. Our goal is to bring many people back to health and help them get back and moving. Our primary objective is to get as many people back to full health as we can, and that is our mission


Our flight plan to get to the Philippines is: Houston TX, to San Diego CA, then from San Diego CA to Vancouver Canada, from Vancouver Canada to Fairbanks International Airport, from Fairbanks International Airport to Ugolny airport, from Ugolny airport to Lenino Russia Airport, from Lenino Russia Airport to Fukuoka airport, from Fukuoka airport to Taipei Songshan Airport, from Taipei Songshan Airport to our destination Danielz Romualdez Airport. It will take us a total of 31 hours and 34 minutes. We did meet our goal for this mission. Below, on google tour builder, is our map of our route.


Our group operation R.E.D.D and at first we had to find ways we would transport our medical supplies and other goods to the Philippines. Another challenge was finding out how we would bring water over and we decided to use Lifestraws and also boilers that bring water vapor into clean dumpsters to supply the hurt, injured and thirsty with purified clean water. We had full funding on what we wanted to bring and what was even better was we are working with another operation group called Team S.O.S, so we are able to bring and supply the people of the Philippines with more supplies. One thing that did not work out very well was when we got assigned one project we would spend lots of time developing it and coming up with all the ideas. Once we got another project assigned we fell behind on what we needed to be doing, that was one thing that did not work out very well. We did reach our goal of supplying as many people we can with care and make them reach full health. One of our misconceptions was that we thought that you only had to take one of the portable hospitals to have a full hospital. We ended up taking the three though.


One can conclude that the Typhoon in the Philippines was very devastating, and we want to bring as many people we can back to health, back to their regular life style, and give them the care they will need to live. That is our mission for Operation R.E.D.D