LLI Data Compilation WRSD 2015-2016

Leveled Literacy Intervention Success!


In 2015-2016 WRSD ran a pilot of Leveled Literacy Intervention in 3 schools- Pioneer Middle School, Drayton Valley Christian School, and HW Pickup Junior High School. The purpose was to have an intervention plan for literacy to assist students in increasing their overall language skills and consequently helping students increase their overall success in middle school settings. Quantitative and qualitative data was collected.

Quantitative Data

  • 42 students completed a 12-16 week intervention program
  • 74% gained 2 or more levels
  • Comprehension and fluency increased for students in a small group setting
  • 2 students were ELL students

Qualitative Data

  • Students showed significant improvement in confidence with literacy
  • Overall, students had a much more positive outlook on literacy throughout their classes
  • Relationships have become stronger between teachers and students as well as students and peers
  • Participation rates in class have dramatically increased
  • Students are taking more risks in asking for clarification