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underdogs and the real winners

Michael Oher

Michael oher was born on may 28,1986 where he was born into a low class family and had 12 other siblings. His mom was a drug addict and his father had been murder. He was taken away from his mother when he was 8 and was put into foster care by himself. After he was released his uncle signed him up for high school.A couple of days later he was pulled off the streets by Sean and Leigh tuey. In 2004 he moved in with the tuey family and was adopted.Then a few years later he he started to play football in his last year as a high school-er after that year many colleges gave him scholarships to come play football for them. He later accepted the offer from Mississippi university and went on to play football for 4 straight years there then he was picked in the first round of the draft and went to go play for the Baltimore ravens. This is a story of one of the many underdogs Michael oher was an underdog because he went through great adversity and came from harsh living conditions and no money he rose out of poverty and moved in with the tuey family he learned how to pick himself back up and live a life as normal as he could. He became a pro football player and now know as one of the wealth people on earth. This shows us that underdogs should not be viewed as underdogs they should be viewed as regular people because they may appear as an easy opponent or target they may be tough and strong. These people or underdogs do not view you as an underdog so why should you be able to view them as one.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Was one of the great underdogs she had to go through a lot of discrimination and had to persevere through it. One of the problems Rosa parks went through was that she was a woman and she was African american. Woman back then weren't treated like they are know and that was white woman think of how a black woman was treated .Another challenge that Rosa had to go through is no schooling Rosa had to drop out of school as a kid because her father left and her mother and grandma fell ill so she had to help the family out. Since she was African american and her mother was a single mother she was born into poverty and had a hard time getting a job and staying as a mother and things got worse as she became more ill. Another challenge Rosa parks had went through was she was kicked off the bus because she was black resulting of the loss of her job because she was late. The solution Rosa parks had to this is to make a stand she decide to join the NAACP which is a group that fights discrimination she decided to do something she decided to sit on the bus in a white row and refuse to move she stayed there until the cops had to drag her out of the bus she stood up to the whites and made a difference. They later changed the bus laws and blacks were allowed to sit wherever they wanted . Rosa Parks Went through a lot of adversity and made a difference and she was an underdog she came from the very bottom and rose to the top she had to adhere to her decisions which is a hard commitment when you know you'll get in trouble but she believed in her idea .

Everybody hates Chris and the street roamer

Chris rock and Eminem are relatively the same they both came from a low income family both were bullied and both had to persevere through it all. Chris rock came from a very poor family that lived in a well known ghetto but his mom had bigger plans for him so they move to a all white neighborhood and he had to change schools.Eminem also came from a low income family and had a very tough time living he lived in the ghetto and had to stay inside. Chris rock and Eminem are both alike because they were bullied badly as kids and had to grow up in a rough neighborhood. They were also different Eminem had a mother who didn't care for him as much as Chris rocks mother did Eminem's mother was fifteen years old and didn't have a job she didn't try to get a job and she didn't want a job. She would try a file a lawsuit against a big company to score some big money but that didn't ever work so they kept losing money and when Eminem grew old and popular she tried to sue him too!.Chris rock was also different from him Chris rock wanted to fit in but he couldn't he was about the only black kid in the school so it turned out he was the runt that everyone picked on and he couldn't go outside either not because it was dangerous because he would get bullied. overall these people were viewed as very petty people to the world but they are very significant because they are underdogs.

Overcoming segregation

Rosa parks is one of the very important underdogs she did a lot to show people can come from nothing. One thing that made a big difference in the world was when she chose to sit on that bus. What this did for the world was it basically stopped discrimination when she chose to sit on that bus it changed the bus laws which later lead to the end of segregation. also when she sat on that bus it gave people a piece of there mind back they realized that just because they had dark skin didn't mean that they could be treated awfully. This law that was formed after what she did was just minor but she made a major difference her action in doing this help build some of the puzzle pieces to a united nation. Another example of someone who changed the world as an underdog is nelson Mandela. nelson Mandela chose a non violent approach to stop segregation he also took a battle approach what he did was he would protest and debate on why blacks and whites are relatively the same and when that didn't work he switched over to the battle approach. what he did is he would strategically plan out attack so they would catch the enemy off card and be able to save the lives of them this resulted in the stop of segregation and many lives were saved by nelsons strategic approach. These underdogs have helped change the world fro the better they might have done something little but it lead to something big.

What is an underdog

The definition of underdog is a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. I think underdog has different meaning i think it is a chance at winning since people think you're less than them, it's a chance to prove them wrong. An underdog is a person who is viewed as less or not good enough an example of an underdog is JK Rowling. JK Rowling is a good example of an underdog because she was very unfortunate she was a single mother with children and had no job she was an unsuccessful writer and had no other job. She had a lot of perseverance and pushed and pushed to get harry potter published but after 13 publishers she finally got one. Then later she became one of the wealthiest writers. she had to persevere through the tough times to get to the top and she did just that. This is one of the many examples of underdogs there are many more people who are in the world that are underdogs and have not become a millionaire but you don't have to overcome a mountain t o do something good it could be a bump but it's still significant.