Room 207

May 9- 13, 2016

Greetings third graders and families!

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. Thank you so much for all of the generous gifts and beautiful flowers I received for Teacher Appreciation Week last week, you all are too sweet! I want to extend my thanks to those of you who have donated tissues and snacks.

Shoutout to our hardworking students who are officially DONE with MAP and mCLASS testing! I am so proud of everyone and their perseverance to get through it all!

Now it is time to review all of our knowledge in math and continue practicing comprehension strategies in reading to get prepared for the upcoming EOG.

Each of you will be receiving a testing postcard with information about the EOG test dates in the mail soon.

I sent out a newsletter on Friday and a printed copy to come home with all of the extra information you may need in regards to the Poppy Popcorn Fundraiser, I hope everyone will have a chance to participate in this opportunity to help raise money for our school!

Mr. Ackerman lead us in a lesson on organization Friday. We got our desks cleaned out and organized and will be working on keeping them this way for the remainder of the year.

I will be attending my fourth (out of five) math professional development along with the third grade team and Mrs. Dechant on Friday, May 13. We will have a substitute in the classroom that day. The kids and I have had many conversations about respect when other adults are leading the classroom other than myself and Ms. Oblesby. The group as a whole has struggled with this for some reason in the past when substitutes have been in our classroom. I would appreciate it if you would help your children with this, as will I.


- Next week book fair begins on Friday, May 20 and ends Wednesday, May 25th.

-Thursday, May 19th is the Celebration of Learning and Potluck, this will take place from 5:30-8:00. An information flyer went home with your students last week, please refer to that.

Math: we will continue to build on elapsed time on the number line and begin working on our knowledge of bar graphs (how to create them, label them, and answer word problems using the bar graph to help solve for the answer.

ELA: We will continue practicing reading passages. We have finished our James and the Giant Peach read aloud book and are know reading The One and Only Ivan. We practice comprehension strategies and have group discussions when doing read aloud.

Science: We are continuing working on our solar system project, which has been very successful for the group. We will display them around our room as students begin to finish. They will eventually be sent home.

As always, please do not hesitate to call or email me with anything you may need.

I hope everyone has a great week,

Ms. Strain