The World's Foremost Outfitter

The Founders

Founders Dick and Jim Cabela turned a very small business of selling flies for about five cents in Chapell, NE  into a worldwide business known for guns, fishing gear, winter clothing, and of course all the hunting supplies you can think of.

The Progression

Raising The Bar

Founder Dick Cabela started selling fish flies in Chapell, NE . Word spred fast in the small town so he started posting ads in the local newspaper. One of them said, "twelve hand-tied flies for one dollar." Another said, "free introductary offer! Five hand-tied flies FREE, send a 25cent postage stamp, handling! With all the sucsess they created a catolog with help from his brother Jim. They named the small company after their last names, Cabela. It grew, and grew, and grew, now its the world's foremost outfitter. Throghout their progression they have kept their number pilosophy: "The costumer is number one." This was created at the very start of the company by Dick and Jim. :)

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