Diamond Mesh Fencing


Diamond Mesh

Diamond Mesh has established a unique form of woven mesh specifically for horses. Diamond Mesh fencing is constructed with 14 gauge galvanized vertical wires, interwoven with the 2 ply horizontal cables in such a way as to make it practically a one piece fabric. The closely spaced woven diamond pattern provides the strongest and most durable construction, giving the fence linear strength and a spring texture to protect horses from injury and prevent predators from entering the paddocks.

The wires and cables have a heavy galvanised coating for long life, while the close spacing prevents hooves and legs from becoming caught in the fence, as well as making it highly visible.

The flexible weave absorbs impact, returns to shape, and minimises the incidence of hoof and leg damage. The springy texture of the fence allows horses to brush and bump the fence without inflicting as much damage as a solid construction may. There is no chance of a horse leaning through this fence, and it is especially suitable for foals, keeping them in and keeping dogs and foxes out. It also has the added benefit of keeping kangaroos out of paddocks and selected pastures.

Released in Australia over 25 years ago, this style of fencing is popular in Europe and America due to its ease of erection, rust resistance, and minimal maintenance. The mesh can be attached to any type of post – wood or metal and will not sag or roll up at the bottom.

Construction of Diamond Mesh fencing, rope fencing in relation to paddock size and structure, is the same as with all other fencing material types. During construction set the corners at an angle (not 90 degrees) to stop horses being trapped in the corner by paddock mates and to reduce the risk of injury when horses stop suddenly in a corner.

Diamond Mesh provides a sound option for not olnly horses but all anaimals grazing on the property.

Wire Dimensions:

Wire height: 1.27 meters

Wire length per roll: 50.29 meters

Wire gauge: 12.5 horizontal (2 ply) 14 gauge vertical

Roll weight: 113 kg

For more details please call Diamond Mesh on 1300 308 186 / (+61) 3 5974 2653 or visit our website at www.diamondmesh.com.au.

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