Child Labor

Life as a child in the industrial revolution M.lane

Children at work

Children worked on farms, in factories, in mills, and even in coal mines. There jobs varied depending on where they were working. In this picture you see the children working in the mills on machines.


  • Children faced many harsh punishments for many things
  • Children would be beaten if they even showed up even 5 minutes late for work
  • If you were caught sleeping on the job you would be dunked head first in a barrel of water and be sent back to work
  • Children were also whipped for not doing there job right or taking breaks

Efforts to stop child labor

  • Laws were made at first to make a minimum working age for children
  • Then laws were made to limit the working hours of children
  • Eventually laws would be passed demanding kids to get an education
  • Working women and middle class consumers set up unions to try and stop child labor
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