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Wells Elementary

February 1-5


Things are moving right along in the art room! Kindergarten is learning how to make tints. Fifth grade is finished with their first iPad project. Fourth grade enjoyed having multiple media choices when doing their contour drawings. And I know the third graders are eager to see how all the glazes turn out!

My hope for each student is that they acquire knowledge and skills that they can use in their own art and other areas of their life.

The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep. ~Paul Strand

Specials schedule

7:50-8:40 Planning (This is the best time to contact me.)
8:45-9:35 First Grade

9:40-10:30 Second Grade

10:35-11:25 Third Grade

11:30-12:20 Fifth Grade

12:20-12:50 My Lunch

12:50-1:40 Fourth Grade

1:45-2:35 Kindergarten

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Group C will begin the color tinting lesson. All of the other groups will finish painting and use black to add the outlines to their shapes.

Paul Klee was the inspiration for this lesson. We looked as his use of shapes and compared how the dark and light colors.

First Grade

Groups A and C will finish their self portraits.

Group D, B and E will create a Model Magic finger puppet based on a storybook character.

Second Grade

Group C will finish their Op Art picture. All of the other groups will begin a cut paper mask using various colors of cardstock.

Third Grade

Some groups will finish the glazing. As students finish, they will continue to work on their Haiku fans.

Fourth Grade

Group A and C will finish their contour shoe drawings.

Groups B, D and E will start a still life photography lesson. They will be exploring taking photographs in black and white so as to focus on form, light and shadows.

Fifth Grade

We will be talking about the clay project coming up Feb 8-12 and making a stencil to using in creating the clay shape. I've decided to combine weaving and clay this year so they will be making a clay loom. Any students who need to finish their frame for the iPad portrait will have some time to do so.

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Poster Making Hints

A poster is usually viewed by people on the move; therefore, a poster should;

  • Be carefully planned with pencil on a smaller piece of paper
  • Convey a message or information
  • Contain one main idea
  • Not be cluttered
  • Avoid too many words
  • Use lightly drawn guidelines for lettering that are erased when the poster is completed
  • Either emphasize letters or emphasize illustration
  • Emphasize contracts (lights against darks, warm colors against cool colors, etc.)
  • Be eye-catching
  • Be easy to read
  • Be limited in colors
  • Use a variety of media as appropriate
  • If the poster is for a contest, make sure the words and illustrations fit the theme
  • Follow the rules of the contest or project carefully
  • Show no errors in spelling or punctuation
  • Be neat and presentable
  • Be original and creative (Do you own work)

Dallas Museum of Art

Nasher Sculpture Garden

Crow Collection of Asian Art