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Process Writing


The drafting portion is when the student is supposed to have reduced anxiety, so that they can feel free to have thoughts flow onto paper. According to Peregoy and Boyle (2013) editing is the fourth step of process writing where the students focus on correcting grammar and sentence structure in activities such as sentence combining and sentence lengthening.

The Dreaded Principal Visit

Response group activities such as Author's Circle allow for students to take ownership of their work and mimic the situation of real authors by providing and receiving feedback for their work. This is great, as according to the Writer's Write video, writers should think like true authors. Additionally, according to Peregoy and Boyle (2013), cooperative groups promote more "comprehensible input" and better writing. This cooperative revision process is step three of the five step process (PDREP - prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing).

All of these steps are designed to benefit ELLs, both beginning and intermediate. Prewriting offers brainstorming opportunities, drafting allows students an anxiety free writing atmosphere, Revising allows students to fix content, editing allows them fix there sentence structures, and publishing allows them to make a finished product a la a real author.

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