Q4 Benchmark

By Ainyah pace the great gatsby

The Great Gatsby Essay

How are the events in the story a product of the culture and time period of the author? I think that product of the culture is gatsby and Scott had some of the same lifestyle for example the different parties each night always meeting new people and living in different places.The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, made a connection between the book ,The Great Gatsby, and the events and culture of the “roaring 20’s” with the wealth, the parties ,different relationships and lifestyle in general.

The event in the story are product of the cultural and time period of the roaring 20s. the first that was made between he real life and book would be the parties that gatsby would have with the different types of people.” Gatsby character represents “new money;” he’s a seemingly overnight success with no known ties to family wealth( Avery)

In the time period women depended on man to support them financially. Especially a woman like dizzy when you had a certain lifestyle to maintain withe the expensive jewelry, special dresses, the big house ,shoes and accessories. I feel that Scott made this very clear in the store because the how women were seen. In the very beginning of Daniel santosusso.”F Scott Fitzgerald the American dream pt1.”YouTube, upload bu scribe. 24 Feb,2021. It was said that Scott couldn’t marry a girl because he was poor and that’s what made daisy and gatsby relationship stand out more due to them being together prior to him being rich , she go married to a rich man and got back with him after he became rich which Connects it to the time period.

In conclusion F Scott .Fitzgerald made many connections with the book great gatsby and real life culture and time period but these two did out the most and connection were valid and had good reasons.

Thinking and matching

The people who decide if a book or writing is timeless or great and a classic are the readers. And what makes a story timeless is the book, I think it a book has me wanting to read more once the chapter or book is done and if has good writing and good wording.