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December 2018

Principal’s Message

Again, we have arrived at the busiest time of year when we are working hard in our classrooms and finishing up the first half of the second marking period on December 14th. Student grades are routinely posted, so it is advised that you check on your child's progress via Power School.

The first week in December is Cyber Week. Our TAG students and a few more second and third graders will be traveling to GHS for The Hour of Code on the 6th. While there, students will use coding skills to devise games electronically. Friday, December 7th is Crazy Hair Day. All students and staff are invited to style their hair in a more unique way than usual. Please check the Spirit Day calendar for more special days. Preschool has their parent involvement days on the 4th and 5th, while our Kindergarten has their Winter Celebration on the 18th.

In addition, we are preparing to celebrate the coming holidays in a variety of ways. Our PTO is, once again holding Santa's Holiday Shopping through the week of December 10th. The first half of our Third Grade has been busy preparing for their winter concert entitled, Toys: The Night They Came Alive. Several performances are planned, with parents and family being invited the evening of December 12th. Each grade level has a specific way to celebrate the holiday season. Please be on the look out for notices from your child's teacher for more details on dates and times.

Our new initiatives are going well with faculty and students embracing the forward movement. We had our first Fundations implementation visit and received very positive feedback on our progress. Student learning continues to be supported and enhanced through our one to one initiative.

So, as you can see, it is a very, very busy time for students, staff and parents.

Our hope is that with all that we are doing, we do not lose track of the meaning of this season no matter how we celebrate it.

Our Positive Character trait for this month is "Generosity". We hope, too, that giving the gift of our time and talents to our children is one of the best presents we can give them.

With best wishes that your holidays are filled with light, peace and joy, I am.

Mrs. Karen Kessler, Principal

Cold Springs School

Isabella Perry and Mia Roche Interview Mr. DiPatri

News from Mrs. Gurcsik

As the holiday season quickly approaches in the month of December, we have several activities planned in the Early Childhood Center. We welcomed all preschool parents on December 4th and 5th for a “Pajama Party” parent involvement. Please look for our upcoming preschool VIP days during the week of January 28th. Parents are invited to visit the classroom and have lunch with their child on those days. Yosi will be here on January 18th to sing songs with all preschool children.

All kindergarten classes will have their winter celebration parent involvement on December 18th. Detailed information has been sent out by the classroom teacher. Kindergarten students will participate in the “Magic of Reading” program on January 23rd. Please look for the upcoming kindergarten VIP days on January 22nd, 24th, and 25th. Parents are invited to visit the classroom and have lunch with their child on those days.

These winter months bring cold temperatures, we ask that children are dressed in warm clothes with hats and gloves or mittens. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Remember to check our website frequently for important dates and events. If you would like to receive reminders and updates from Mrs. Gurcsik please click the appropriate link and following the directions to join Mrs. Gurcsik’s group.

Kindergarten Remind Code

Preschool Remind Code

Please remember that all preschool students must have the flu shot by December 31st. Students may not return to school on January 2nd without record of the flu shot.

Happy Holidays!

Norell Gurcsik

EC Director/Assistant Principal

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Mrs. Fox/Mrs. Kain's Classroom

We made Christmas Cards for the Troops!

Mrs. Fox-Fuchs and Mrs. Kain's class read "The Gingerbread Man", completed gingerbread glyphs in math, and ended with making homemade gingerbread cookies this week.

Peer Buddy Activity with Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Gallagher's Classes


Grade 3 Literature Circle students read "George's Marvelous Medicine" and created a slide show to tell about the book. Each student developed a slide show and chose backgrounds, fonts, illustrations and layouts. Here is an example of one of the projects.

Ella Kirchner's Review
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ESL with Ms. Ruskoski

ESL classes explored some traditional celebrations that child participate in in Italy. They explored the country of Italy and read about La Befana, who is an old witch that flies on a broomstick to delivery presents and candy. They also were able to sample Pandoro, which is a traditional sweet yeast cake. The cake is sprinkled with icing and sugar to represent the Italian alps.
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"Making Holiday Cards for our Troops"

The preschoolers in Mrs. Marroletti's class and 2nd grade students in Ms. Wolvin's class had fun working together to make cards to send to our soldiers over seas for the holidays.

Preschool PJ Parent Involvement

Winter Concert -Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 7:00PM

Ms. Lorenz and 3rd Grade Presents

Toys! The Night They Come Alive!

Did you know under the evergreen trees all over the world, Santa's toys come alive on Christmas Eve? It's true! For a period of time when you and your family are fast asleep, there is genuine glee under the tree with marching toy soldiers, beautiful princess dolls, marionettes dancing off their strings, teddy bears that tango, rag dolls that rock and roll, and so much more!

Cold Springs Students Present at the Board of Education Meeting

PTO Team members

Nicole Krumenacker - President

Mike Hopkins - Vice President

Paula & Jay Huhn - Treasurer

Lori Seedes - Secretary

Victoria Hopkins - Secretary

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