PK3.3 Newsletter

21st - 24th September

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I had a dream....

On Monday we celebrated Peace Day together. During our morning meeting we asked "What does PEACE mean to us?". We talked about how friends are important and how we can be a good friend by making good choices. Hugs and smiles are important and to help each other. I think our children are going to make wonderful and thoughtful citizens of the future.

The Little Red Hen

This week we read the classic story of The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone.

A tale about a little, red hen who wants to grow wheat but when she asks her friends to help they all reply "Not I". She continues to work and ask for help but gets the same response, “Not I.” Finally, it is time to bake the bread from the flour milled from the grain she grew and her friends still do not wish to help. When the bread is ready to eat her friends are suddenly very interested and want to help!!! "No, no I will do that.” says the little Red Hen, and she does!!

We have followed this theme in the classroom and have been using puppets in our library to retell the story and counting "seeds" with pom poms and tweezers to strengthen our fine motor skills.

Our Peace Day Bread

The dry ingredients...

5 pounds of flour
1 cup of sugar
2 tablespoon of salt

For the yeast.. (you can also buy the instant one and add 3 and a half tablespoons of that one)
4 cups of warm water
5 envelopes of yeast
2 tablespoons of sugar

Wet ingredients
4 eggs
1 3/4 of oil


On a small bowl first you mix the yeast with the warm water, add the sugar and you let it sit, until it rises.

On a separate and BIG bowl add the dry ingredients all together, flour, sugar and salt. Then you add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, the eggs and oil.

Last, you add the yeast and knead the dough until its even. Cover the dough with a towel and let it rising for about an hour.

Braid away! When finished... cover the loaf with some egg on top of it so that it gets gold in the oven. You can also add sesame seeds or poppy seeds or both.

Thank you all for the generous donations to our Refugee Crisis Collection this week. Together ISP has raised $3800 for this worthy cause.

Sports store is open

Our Sports Store is open and the children are really enjoying our Ball study unit. We been asking "What do we know about balls? What do we want to find out? What is our favorite ball to play with? " We investigated how air gets inside a ball and "inflates" it. We have been discovering how "force" and "gravity" makes a ball roll down a ramp and also how much fun it is to roll on a ball!

Library time

This week we have been reading about robots, trucks and colors in the library. We are really enjoying our books but we have had a few accidents with them in class recently. Please remind your child to be respectful with books; turn the pages carefully, replace them when they have finished reading and treat them like the treasure they are!

Elsewhere in our classroom.....

....we have been

  • constructing tall towers.
  • identifying and throwing balls into shapes.
  • counting and sorting.

All the time learning through play!

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Don't forget - No school Friday 25th September

School will be closed tomorrow (Friday 25th September). I wish you all a restful and enjoyable LONG weekend and look forward to welcoming your children back Monday 28th September.
  • JEANS DAY: October 2nd: Bring in $1 and wear jeans to school. Be a superhero for Alvaro and help us raise funds for FANLYC.
  • FANLYC Relay for life: October 17th and 18th. Please see below for more details.
  • Yearbook photos - 23rd October. PK3.3 will have their yearbook photos taken between 7:35-8:15am.
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