Important Tests Coming Soon

Parents, Be Informed

The Week of March 10-14

This week will be the applied skills portion of the ISTEP test. Applied skills consist of doing a variety of math problems and showing EVERY step along the way. Getting the correct answer is not good enough. You have to show every step or you will not get full credit. Also, they will be given a writing prompt and must write at least one whole page. They need to stick to the topic, use logical order, use interesting words, different sentence patterns, descriptive sentences, and use their voice in their writing. None of this is new to your child. Go over these terms with him or her.



Tuesday, March 18th we will be taking the IREAD. This is the test that determines if your child passes 3rd grade or not. Please, read, read, read every night. Ask questions. Ask your child about synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. Play around with them at dinner or in the car. Talk about words that rhyme,but they aren't spelled the same way(weigh, day, prey).
Please make sure your child comes to school and is on time for the next couple weeks. This is very important. It is very important not to miss the 18th.