Poetry Project

By Esther

Noise Day by Shel Silverstein

Let’s have one day for girls and boyses

When you can make the grandest noises.

Screech, scream, holler, and yell

Buzz a buzzer, clang a bell,


Laugh until your lungs wear out,

Toot a whistle, kick, a can,

Bang a spoon against a pan,

Sing, yodel, bellow, hum,

Blow a horn, beat a drum,

Rattle a window, slam a door,

Scrape a rake across the floor,

Use a drill, drive a nail,

Turn the hose on the garbage pail,

Shout Yahoo—Hurrah—Hooray,

Turn up the music all the way,

Try and bounce your bowling ball,

Ride a skateboard up the wall,

Chomp your food with a smack and a slurp,


One day a year do all of these,

The rest of the days—be quiet please.

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Bold = Onomatopoeia

Underlined = Hyperbole

The bold words are onomatopoeia because they are words that sound like sounds.

The underlined phrase is a hyperbole because it an obvious exaggeration.

(untitled) by unknown

A hand is like an open basket
waiting for you to put things in
A foot is like a walking racket
stomp, step, skip, jump in.
A nose is like a high up mound
that you can climb and then slide down
A mouth is like a funny clown
which makes us laugh and never frown
Your eyes are like a fire
burning with desire
Your mind is like a climbing wire
with every reach you go higher

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Bold = Simile

Underlined = Onomatopoeia

The bold phrases are similes because they are comparing 2 things using the words like or as.

The underlined words are examples of onomatopoeia because they sound like sounds.

Corgi by Esther Albuquerque

A corgi is a friend

You can always count on it

When you feel down

He will always be there for you

A corgi’s ears are for listening

They will always listen

To your sorrows and your joys

When you feel like crying or bragging

They will always listen

A corgi’s eyes are for emotions

They will feel for you

Those deep, brown circles hold emotions

A corgi isn't just man’s best friend

He’s more than that

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Bold = Metaphor

The bold phrase is a metaphor because it is comparing 2 things without using the words like or as.