Patriot Post

March 2017

Mark Your Calendars with Upcoming Events

8th Grade Parent night

Tuesday, April 18th, 6pm

3588 Bryan Avenue

Irvine, CA

Socal Student Film Festival

Saturday, April 29th, 3pm

3588 Bryan Avenue

Irvine, CA

EdFund Spring Fundraiser

Friday, May 12th, 5pm

TBD, Irvine, CA, United States

Irvine, CA

The Ed Fund is busy preparing for our upcoming Spring Fundraiser and are looking forward to celebrating Beckman’s diverse population! Please save the date, Friday, May 12th, for the “Passport to Diversity” silent auction fundraiser. Spend an evening under the stars mingling with parents, teachers and Beckman administrators, watching our student groups perform, having dinner, and donating to your student’s academic experience at Beckman! Be on the lookout for your invitation soon. For more information, or to donate an item to the auction, please contact Beckman Ed Fund at

National Merit Finalists Announced

Congratulations to the following students for being named National Merit Finalists: Dong Hwan Gim, Justin Li, Nina L. Long, Dylan Namkha Nguyen, Jeremy S. Pan, Hannah Park, Nirali B. Patel, Alex W. Qi, Erica Y. Shin, Youna Song, Younjin Song, Rachel M. Sun

Jan Mintz - Beckman's 2017 Teacher of the Year

“I have only the nine months to shake them awake from their apathetic stupor for some, only nine months to awaken them to the wonders of language and literature, only nine months to awaken them to the world to come and make them really think about their role in it. A lot to ask in only nine months. But I take that challenge every year with enthusiasm, vigor, and joy.” - Jan MIntz

Wish Your Student a Happy Birthday on the BHS Marquee

For $25 you can have a birthday wish displayed on the Beckman Marquee. All proceeds go directly to PTO and benefit students in need.

Submit request here

1st Alumni Baseball Game

26 former Beckman Baseball players took part in the 1st ever Alumni Baseball game on January 29th. The day was organized by 2012 graduate Zack Rivera, and was attended by former Patriots representing every year from 2007-2016. In the game, 2017 Patriots defeated the Alumni 12-10. However, the highlight of the day occurred in the 8th inning. Trailing 10-0, Jeff Boudreau (2007) hit a Home Run to left field. It was ruled on the spot as being a 10-Run Home Run to tie the game. Kyle Boudreau (2009) Edgar Zamora (2009) Brandon Trinkwon (2010) Tyler Carso (2010) Will Barring (2011) and Ricky Navarro (2011) were just a few of the notable alumni in attendance.

Signing Day on Feb 1st

Four Beckman seniors signed their letter of intent to participate in athletics after their time here at Beckman.

From Left to Right:

Evan Kim - MIT (Water Polo)

Dean Nagle - Holy Cross (Football)

Morgan Lynch - Chapman (Soccer)

Samantha Gelfand Strever - Aurora (Soccer)

Read more about signing day here...

OC Register Reviews - 'The Crucible'

“The Crucible,” performed at Arnold O. Beckman High School, is a compelling look at two dark times in American history – the Salem witch trials and the Red Scare.

Beckman High’s production tells the story of the witch trials but sets the story in the 1950s. It opens with a group of young girls who are caught ritualistically dancing in the woods. Ultimately, the girls try to draw attention away from their own wrongdoing by accusing certain women in the village of being witches. Among them is Elizabeth Proctor, who is accused by Abigail Williams, who wants to get rid of Elizabeth so she can take her place as John’s wife. More...

Beckman Artists Recognized

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers annually honors students for artistic and literary talent through its National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Winners from Orange County are part of the West Art Region-at-Large.

Gold Keys are presented for the best works, which will also be considered for recognition at the national level; Silver Keys are given for works that demonstrate exceptional ability; Honorable Mentions are given for works that show great skill and/or potential. Details here...


Lilian Pan: painting, “A Trip or A Trip”


Lilian Pan: drawing and illustration, “A Trip to the Post Office”

Hailey Park: drawing and illustration, “Noodle Hair”


Alyson Kim: art portfolio, “Art”

Hyoungjin Park: design, “Daft Punk Redesigned CD Album”

Justin Park: digital art, “Night by Elie Wiesel (bookcover),” “Stop Organ Trafficking (poster)”

Kevin Wu: painting, “Magic Is Hanging in the Air”

Teacher Talent Show

Chow and Beilin Teacher Talent Show