A sweet, tropical fruit

Mamey, a new food

I have always feared trying new, tropical fruits. This is especially applies to fruits I have not heard about. For these reasons, I never tried Mamey.

When I did try this fruit, the experience was surprisingly different from what I expected. I expected the texture to be creamy and avocado-like and the flavor to be very sweet. However, the texture was not very creamy, nor was the flavor sweet. This may be because the fruit was not ripe.

Trying new things, like food, have possible benefits. Trying new things help push us out of our comfort zone. This leads to growth and an increase in new skills. Trying new things also keeps us from being bored.

Coming out of this project, there are five things I now want to try. These five things are kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, riding a camel, and tasting matzo ball soup.

-Neda Ibrahim