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Kaysons Education was established with an objective to assist the candidates aspiring for admission in IIT and other top engineering institutes. The main problem that students face while preparing for JEE is that they do not get quality material and assistance they require. Kaysons provides all the cost effective material required for preparation and gives a chance to students to showcase their talent.

What Do You Think Of Online Coaching For The IIT JEE?

Are you struggling with the fear of IIT JEE exams? Want to get a perfect solution to get good rank in this toughest competitive exam? If your response is Yes, then just switch to online coaching for the IIT JEE for an amazing experience of learning Maths, Chemistry and Physics. It is true that a large of students are facing a phobia of competitive exams and they feel difficulty in studying their subjects because they do not have perfect assistance. But, IIT coaching online like Kaysons Education Pvt. Ltd. is the best path of getting upright guidance to secure a higher rank in IIT JEE.

Struggling with these hurdles for years, this online institution came up with an innovative idea recently. With the modernization, it turned traditional classrooms into digital classrooms. The online coaching point has converted their books into downloadable study material like eBooks and presentations and the lectures at their centers into video lectures.

Online coaching for the IIT JEE is a major step for those candidates who are dreaming of the good result in the JEE Mains examination. The exam gauges the capability of studying of aspirants in a fair manner. Actually, it’s true that the pressure of competitive examination experienced by most of the students. However, a candidate can simply conquer the anxiety and stress with the help of the specialized and the renowned online coaching institute. The one stop destination provides some significant tips that are extremely useful to kick out the tension of competitive exams.

Come on, let’s discuss:

Make Your Learning Time-Table: Try to prepare your timetable in which you should give at least four to five hours to learning per day. But entertainment is also important so try to give minimum 1 hour for recreation like watching TV, playing any outdoor game, gossips with your pals and many more.

Be Ready with Your Study Resources: Make sure that you have every useful study material for the preparation of the exam. Gather your notes and other important resources that you had made in the classroom sessions. Go to the library to collect all reference books, which you require for the preparation of IIT JEE.

Make a study planner: Prepare a schedule and mention the time slot for topics, which you will prepare for the exam. By following a proper schedule, you can achieve your study goal and can complete your course beforehand. If you need Kaysons can help you in making of Study Planner.

Revision is Must before the Examination: Revision is an ideal method to revise every chapter and topic for the preparation of any exam. Revision is best for every candidate, but try to revise at least two times every subject. It is a perfect procedure of evaluating your expertise and level of preparation.

Ask your questions to the subject professor: In case you have any difficulty during the preparation of test or you have any doubt on the specific topic that need to be finished, then it is a great idea to ask your subject professor. A subject professor will always available for your upright assistance.

Group Study: Create a study group or join a group. Group study can assist you understand the theories and problems perfectly. Students can share their skills and knowledge with their classmates and can assist each other during the preparation of the IIT JEE examination.

How to Prepare Study Schedule for IIT JEE Preparation?

Do you have a wish to crack IIT JEE exam this year in just first attempt? A majority of candidates often finds it bit tricky to manage CBSE study along with preparation of this big exam. Our experts can help you structure a proper strategy and plan for that. One year is sufficient for proper preparation of IIT JEE to clear this toughest competitive exam.

Here are some important aspects to prepare a study schedule for IIT JEE Preparation to follow to get a good rank in IIT JEE:

Psychological stability & positive attitude: The first important thing for every aspirant of IIT JEE is that they need to be well-prepared, composed and clam for any kind of trouble, ups and downs that they will experience in the next two years of your study. Every student needs to know that failure is also a side of studying and grow a feeling of learning from your mistakes. That is the effective way how you will improve and grow.

Time Management:

It is one of the most important points to supplement your preparation of IIT JEE exam and score high in the examination. Experts of Kaysons say that Time Management is the key of success and every candidate should know this success formula for the best result.

Without proper time management you are not able to crack this big exam. It is actually helpful to manage schedule between study & revision and study & break.

Prepare Revision Schedule:

Candidate should ready for learning and practicing approx 20,000 questions in a year. What is your thinking you think that you will be capable to remember each and everything? No, right?! Then what you have to do? An everyday revision plan. Make your timetable in such a manner that there is invariably a time slot daily where you can sit and remember whatever you have learned till now. Perfectly give a little brush up on what has been completed recently.

Stick to Your Plan For Solid IIT Jee Preparation

  • Once you make your study and revision plan and strategy, try to follow the same.
  • Do not distract your mind.
  • Making a study plan is not sufficient, following it is extremely important for perfect and proper preparation of IIT JEE exam.
  • Concentrate on your target and its deadlines. Remember, targets can only be accomplished if you respect deadlines.

Stay Motivated:

A main obstacle in the way of your glory of IIT preparation will be the trouble to stay motivated the whole time. One year is not a small time period. Most candidates generally fall prey to distractions, diverge from the exact target and lose interest. It’s extremely late by the time they recognize the good deal of time they have wasted and the ball remains no longer in their court. So it is best to enroll for test series or join a coaching centre.

Perfect schedule is the major thing to crack IIT JEE exam. Be sure you make a plan before the examination and stick with it loyally.

Is It Possible to Crack Iit Jee 2017 Without Coaching?

This question is best answered by a simple statics by TOI dated way back in oct 2013 when they did a research that 50% of students who clear JEE do not take any tuitions. While almost 80% students take tuitions.

So let us analysis this questions on the basis of this information about the probability of you’re clearing JEE with and without Coaching.

Let assume that total number of students appearing for JEE is 100.

Total number of student who take coaching: 80.

Total number of student who do not take coaching: 20.

Total number of student who clear JEE: 6

Total number of student who clear JEE with coaching: 3

Total number of student who clear JEE without coaching: 3

So what are your chances of clearing JEE with tuitions?

= (Total number of selected students in JEE / Total Number of student appeared with tuitions) *100

=3/80 * 100

= 3.85%

What are your chances of clearing JEE without tuition's?



So what conclusion can we come out with?

If you are taking tuitions you reduce your chances of clearing JEE from 15% to 3.85%

Why do student opt for these over hyped coaching well the answer is marketing.

Every time a student who takes tuitions if he gets results you will see ads everywhere while student who to not take tuitions will not promote himself right.

Where does Kaysons Education play a role?

We are a firm believer that if a student is helped with organizing his education he can clear JEE with ease to help him do that we provide them with a organized study planner for JEE. Students can download the planner free of cost and use it to prepare for JEE.

Please feel free to share you experience with us.