A Time to be Thankful,

From the ENGC Family

A Message from the Principal

Students, are you on your path to “Destination Graduation”? Did you pass all your classes for the 1st 9 weeks?

If not, we want you in school on Hybrid days. Students last name A-L on Monday/Tuesday and last names M-Z on Thursday/Friday. Face-to-face allows you the opportunity to connect personally with your teachers. It's not too late to get connected. We are all HERE to support you and get you what you need. You must meet us half way! You must be willing to put in the work! Here are a few tips to help get you on track:

  • Attend school every day (virtual and/or hybrid), and participate in the teaching/learning processes!
  • Study! If you are struggling with concepts, attend tutorials and practice those skills at night.
  • Ask for HELP.
  • Get a good night’s rest – at least 8 hours.
  • Eat breakfast every day!
  • Use your test-taking strategies; i.e. read questions completely, eliminate wrong answer choices, skips questions you do not know (complete them last), check all your answers, breathe!

Our next break is coming up quickly (November 23 - 30); so get connected ..... you'll have time to rest very soon.

Honor Roll Celebration! We are PROUD of you .... :)

Click on this link to view our list of Honor Roll students for the 1st 9 weeks report card.


It's not too late to get on the 2nd 9 weeks Honor Roll.

We are HERE for you!

5 easy steps to ensure attendance each day each period!

  1. Set multiple alarms. Wake up on time.
  2. Use your planner to organize each school day/class.
  3. Get a good nights sleep.
  4. Set your alarms to the bell schedule - be on time!
  5. Get your clothes ready each night for the next morning.

FAME, CIS and Parris Scholars

Partners In Education!

Find more information on our web page www.aliefisd.net

Read the Parent Compacts to understand how you can support your student on his/her path to "Destination Graduation!"

Nutrition - Curbside service for Virtual students!

For more information please visit https://www.aliefisd.net/Page/14238

Counselors Corner

Message your Counselors directly in Schoology for support.

Group: ENGC Counselors Class of 2024.

Or connect with them in your "Homeroom" course in Schoology

Participate in our spirit activities! Make school fun. :)