Principal Weekly Update

November 22-26, 2021

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Dear John Paul I Families

Pope Francis reminds young people that Jesus looks to them and invites them to journey with him. They are urged to be open to God’s plan in becoming joyful disciples. Catholic schools put Christ, the witness of faith, and the teachings of the Catholic Church at the centre of the educational enterprise. By placing Christ at the centre of all they are and all they do, Catholic schools make sure that a student’s journey into adulthood is also a journey of faith. The journey recognizes that true knowledge, learning, justice, peace and human freedom are a response of love to the God who is Love. ‘I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.’ Jeremiah 30:17

On Wednesday December 1, 2021, from 4:00 to 7:30, our Parent Teacher Conferences/Celebration of Learning will be held virtually. You will receive an email from your child's teacher giving you the opportunity to book some time to discuss your child's learning journey over MS Teams. Detailed information will be emailed out to parents directly by their child’s teacher with pertinent links to access all that they need for the evening. We look forward to a high level of participation and all the rich discussion that we know the day will bring! We encourage parents to be sure to access the parent portal and view the assessment and reporting on their child’s progress in advance of this day. Due to popular demand, we are happy to say that we will once again be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. For details of the event, please refer to the specific section within this newsletter. We look forward to celebrating with you all, your children’s learning and develop during this first term!

Bishop David Motiuk: December Message

The Legend of the Elderly Grandmother A Ukrainian Folk Tale Edmonton Catholic School Division Parent Newsletters December 2021 Christ is Born! Let us Glorify Him! It was the night the dear Christ-Child came to Bethlehem. In a country far away from Him, an old, old grandmother or “baba” sat in her snug little house by her warm fire. The wind was drifting the snow outside and howling down the chimney, but it only made baba’s fire burn more brightly. “How glad I am that I may stay indoors,” said baba, holding her hands out to the bright blaze. But suddenly she heard a loud rap at her door. She opened it and her candle shone on three old men standing outside in the snow. Their beards were as white as the snow, and so long that they reached the ground. Their eyes shone kindly in the light of baba’s candle, and their arms were full of precious things – boxes of jewels, and sweet-smelling oils, and ointments. “We have travelled far, Baba,” they said, “and we stop to tell you of the Baby Prince born this night in Bethlehem. He comes to rule the world and teach all men to be loving and true. We carry Him gifts. Come with us, Baba.” But baba looked at the drifting snow, and then inside at her cozy room and the crackling fire. “It is too late for me to go with you, good sirs,” she said, “the weather is too cold.” She went inside again and shut the door, and the old men journeyed on to Bethlehem without her. But as baba sat by her fire, rocking, she began to think about the Little Christ-Child, for she loved all babies. “Tomorrow I will go to find Him,” she said; “tomorrow, when it is light, and I will carry Him some toys.” So when it was morning baba put on her long cloak and took her staff, and filled her basket with the pretty things a baby would like – gold balls and wooden toys – and she set out to find the ChristChild. But, oh, baba had forgotten to ask the three old men the road to Bethlehem, and they travelled so far through the night that she could not overtake them. Up and down the road she hurried, through woods and fields and towns, saying to whomsoever she met: “I go to find the Christ-Child. Where does He lie? I bring some pretty toys for His sake.” But no one could tell her the way to go, and they all said: “Farther on, Baba, farther on.” So she travelled on and on and on for years and years – but she never found the little Christ-Child. They say that old baba is travelling still, looking for Him. When it comes Christmas Eve, and the children are lying fast asleep, baba comes softly through the snowy fields and towns, wrapped in her long cloak and carrying her basket on her arm. With her staff she raps gently at the doors and goes inside and holds her candle close to the little children's faces. “Is He here?” she asks. “Is the little Christ-Child here?” And then she turns sorrowfully away again, crying: “Farther on, farther on!” But before she leaves she takes a toy from her basket and lays it beside the pillow for a Christmas gift. “For His sake,” she says softly, and then hurries on through the years and forever in search of the little Christ-Child. Unlike the elderly grandmother – baba, WE KNOW the road to Bethlehem, for today we have traveled together with the angels, the wise men and the shepherds to rejoice with Mary and Joseph in the birth of the Christ-Child, who came into this world, taking upon Himself flesh, becoming one of us, that we may know how precious and loved we are by God. 2 Let us get to know this Christ-Child better – one day at a time, throughout the entire year – by being every-more attentive to our relationship with God, to our faith, to our prayer, to our Church, so that when our family and friends, our neighbours and our community approach us and ask “Where is the Christ-Child?,” we may respond, “Yes, I KHOW HIM! He lives here in my heart, here in my home with my family, here in my Church, here in my community. Yes, I know Him very well. Let me tell you about Him.” And in this way the story of Christmas – of Jesus’ birth, of God’s presence among us – will continue to inspire the world, transforming it through peace and love into the Kingdom of God here on earth. As we celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord, may Christ, truly bless you and your family with peace, love and joy, now and in the New Year! Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Bishop David Motiuk

Eparchy of Edmonton

EDIAR Survey – November 16 – 30th

​​​​​​​The voices of our Edmonton Catholic community are critical to the building of our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Strategic Plan. The survey went live for parents, staff and students in Grade 4 to 12 on November 16th and will be open until November 30th. Thank you for your support to encourage completion of this important survey by our students, staff and parents!

Indigenous Family Candlelight Gathering for Grief & Loss Healing.

On behalf of Braided Journeys, I would like to invite Indigenous families across the district to our second Braided Journeys Family Wellness Session: Indigenous Family Candlelight Gathering for Grief & Loss Healing. This session will take place on Microsoft Teams on December 13, 2021 at 6pm.

To easily access the meeting link, click here.

Session highlights: Within our Indigenous communities we have our own practices of honouring those who have passed on. The pandemic has made it harder for us to gather and for some this has impacted our ability to grieve for loved ones. Also, within our Indigenous communities, we often face compound grief, when we experience multiple deaths in a short amount of time. Whatever your personal family experience is, we would like to take the time to gather online and honour our loved ones who have passed on. The candlelight ceremony will include elements of traditional Cree teachings and Catholic faith. All beliefs are respected in our gathering.

Participants: Please have a candle with matches/lighter for the evening. A picture of your loved one(s) is welcomed (you will be able to show it on screen if you choose to share). Please see the attached poster for more details!

Please email if you have any questions!


All school jurisdictions in the Province of Alberta have made a shift in the way that they plan and report to their stakeholders through the Assurance Framework.

In this framework, all education stakeholders accept responsibility for building capacity of the education system — in classrooms, schools, school authorities and in government. Ensuring continuous improvement throughout the system necessitates a collective approach that recognizes diversity within Alberta, relies on evidence to make decisions, and is responsive to the needs of students in their local contexts. (Funding Manual 2021-22, p.18)

As part of our commitment to assuring our stakeholders that Escuela John Paul I School is providing a quality Catholic educational experience for our students, we have developed a plan for continuous growth which can be found on our website as part of the assurance dashboard.

This dashboard provides you with a comprehensive tool to explore the ways in which we measure the success of our work in the goals and priorities that have been established in our School Plan for Continuous Growth.

The John Paul I School Plan for Continuous Growth is developed with the Alberta Education Ministerial Order in mind and aligns closely with our ECSD Plan for Continuous Growth. As part of our plan for continuous growth, we seek to create a working document that reflects the fluid nature of our work towards achieving optimal learning in our students within Christ Centered and inclusive environment that embraces and celebrates diversity.

The document is responsive to feedback provided through various surveys completed by parents and students during the course of the past year as well as a variety of data collected related to student’s academic performance. Furthermore, the document outlines our targeted goals and the specific strategies and actions we are incorporating to reach the goals established based on both feedback and data retrieved from various sources. Our School Plan for Continuous Growth was reviewed at our November School Council meeting and can be accessed using the following link, School Plan for Continuous Growth ; it has also been posted to the school’s website assurance dashboard. Please take a few minutes to review the plan for the year by clicking on the link.


Assessment of Learning/Report Cards/Power Teacher Pro

We have an ongoing assessment and reporting system, whereby parents can access and see their child’s progress at any time. There will no longer be a summary report in January for families. This change was made to encourage families to focus on the specific and timely assessment information that is present in the PowerSchool parent portal through ongoing outcomes based assessment.

Teachers enter assignments, grades and comments for each outcome directly into the PowerSchool gradebook. For parents, this means having access to a child’s report card at any point in time. Teachers will follow up via email with parents who do not attend student led conferences, as this communication is very important for student success.

Assessment and Reporting Family Support Resources

For Parents | Tracking Your Child's Learning [UPDATED VERSION] This video will walk families through the process of how to track their child's progress

How to View Report Cards in the Parent Portal

A Parent Guide To Assessment & Reporting is now posted on the Edmonton Catholic Schools public website.

Report Cards T

The student’s progress is reported on an ongoing basis. Student progress will be formally reported to parents in June, where the next grade level placement recommendation is made at that time.

Online Parent-Teacher Conferences (Adapted due to COVID)

Due to COVID 19 protocols, Parent Teacher Conferences/Celebration of Learning, as done in the past will not take place. Alternatively, we will have Parent-Teacher conferences and learning demonstrations by students at home, which will take place in November and March, where discussion and work sent home for students to demonstrate their learning will take place.

Detailed Information regarding our Demonstration of Learning and the Booking link will be forthcoming.

Assessment and Reporting Schedule for the 2021-22 School Year:

Parent Teacher Interviews: December 1, 2021

Celebration of Learning: March 23, 2022

Final Report Card: June 28, 2022

Ongoing reporting is available online to parents/guardians via the PowerSchool parent portal. However, if you wish to discuss your child’s progress or marks at any time, please feel free to call or email the school. Parents who are new to ECSD are provided with their own PowerSchool passcode which will allow them to view their child’s ongoing progress and summary report cards online. PowerSchool accounts remain in effect from year to year, so parents only need to create an account once. To log in to the Parent Portal and view your child’s ongoing reporting and assessments click here.

JPI Society

The JPI Society is still looking for a Casino Chari Volunteer. If you are able to help us with this, please contact the office.

JPI Parent Council Fundraiser

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Upcoming Dates

November 22

  • 2B & 3A Clay for Kids in-school field trip

November 23

  • 1A & 1B Clay for Kids in-school field trip

November 26

  • 2/3C & 1/2C Clay for Kids in-school field trip

November 29

  • Advent Celebration #1