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Christopher Columbus arrived on a small ship called the Nina on March 13, 1493. Christopher was forced to meet king Ferdinand, queen Isabella, and prince Juan.

Christopher Columbus's early life

Christopher Columbus had a really rough childhood. Columbus had to work for his family business instead of learning or playing. Columbus celebrated his birthday on June 25th, the feast day of his patron saint, St. Critsoforo (his name in Italian). He was the first child of Domenico and Susanna Colombo. From childhood, Columbus was attracted to the sea, the center of life in Genoa. In later years, Columbus wrote in a letter that he entered upon the sea sailing at a very tender age.

Columbus had 2 younger brothers and sisters. One is named Bianchineta (the sister) and the other one was Giovanni (the brother). Columbus also had two older brothers Bartholomeno and Diego (All their names in Italian).

The Years of Great Anguish

Columbus traveled on boat from Genoa. While he was traveling pirates attached, and when they set the boat on fire Columbus new he had to jump off the boat and swim to shore. He held on to parts of wood from the boats. Finally after days and days he washed up on shore in Portugal. He had a brother that worked in Portugal and so Christopher went to work with him. After a few years he got married.

Thirty-Three Days at Sea

Columbus was again trying to impress King Ferdianand, and Queen Isabella by getting ships to sea across the sea with. Columbus, in mid September reached the Sargasso sea.During this Christopher had changed a couple of ship name. Prince Henry tried and tried to find land first across the sea, but Columbus wouldn't would not let that happen. All the people that tried to find land discovered that you can't get rich selling Europe goods in the far east. Through out all of this Columbus had to fight through these tough winds know as trade winds, while traveling and trading good with tough winds.

Christopher volunteered to direct all ships that were sailing across sea, but Juan De La Cosa was hired as the new flagships master "over seeing the crew". Some of the Portugal ships took over seventy years searching a land witch is now know as South America. Over the years Columbus had found four voyages of discovery going back and forward trying to find land.

The Search for Redemption

While Columbus was on his journey he was asking people to support him to be able to make another voyage. The King and Queen, Ferdianand and Isabella wouldn't let Christopher search for a new voyage until 2 years passed.

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