All About Me

Tori Bloch

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Hey there this is me Victoria Bloch Tori for short. I'm 13 and in 8th grade at Lomira Middle School. I love sports , band, art, and hanging out with my friends. In school i am very good at band, art, math, science, and language. Also I babysit for my many cousins. The three ways I am smart are body smart, number/logic smart, and music smart.


Monday, June 5th 2000 at 8am

Lomira, WI

Lomira, WI

I was born on Monday June 5th, 200

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Self-Awareness Inventory


Sports, music,and art


Jazz band, track, volleyball, running, workouit, babysit, and listen to music

School subject strengths:

Band, math, science, and language


Smart, and artistic

How Many Ways Are You Smart

The top 3 ways you are smart:

Body Smart

Number/Logic Smart

Music Smart

Learning Style

Your learning style and what it means:

I learn best with others because they help me if i need help.

Personal Globe Inventory

Your holland code:

Social, artistic, investigative

The three career cluters picked for me:

Health service, finance, educative and training

The job you researched, including education needed and salary:

Physical therapist... science, math, language, social studies $59,240-$97,400

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This is me with my brother after one of his football games.