A modern industry, who struck the beauty world by suprise.

What is a Birchbox?

A birchbox is a industry which has made shopping for beauty products easy and convenient. Birchbox personalizes products for you and sends samples in a monthly subscription box.

Who are the innovators behind it?

Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna are the CEOs of Birchbox. Both girls meet in college when they were studying business at Harvard. They came up with the idea when Hayleys good friend would give her beauty samples which were a good match for her skin, and hair type. Before Birchbox Hayley was a amateur behavioral economist. Before birchbox Katia was in corporate real-estate.

The CEOs of birchbox

Why are they innovators?

Birchbox Opened the doors for many.

Not only has Birchbox made it easier for those to purchase beauty items but, they were the first to create a monthly box subscription. Few examples of similar boxes to birchbox are: sockscribe, chruchbox, sumo jerky, and awesome box. There are many different boxes on the internet today and they all owe a thanks to the original box, the birchbox.

Fun facts!

  • Launched Birchbox in 2010 and men's Birchbox in 2012.
  • started with 250 costumers to 1 million in only a few years.
  • Now in France, England, Spain and the US.
  • They now have an open front store in NYC where you can test products. (similar to Sephora)