Egg Drop

By: Raina Gracyalny

Plan and Opportunity

When Mr. Lander's told us that we were doing an egg drop, the egg drop is where you make a home for your egg, from a firetruck. At a 50 ft. drop. So we got started, and I found a partner and we got to work. We sketched it out before we started building. Then we got building a home for our egg.

Brain Storm and Research

For our eggs home we built a parachute and a little basket for him to sit in, and we drop it, it didn't work. So we decided to try something else, and it was a platform that has walls. So I dropped it and it just kept on falling out of the contraptions. So we scrapped it and we took a paper cup stuffed it with packing peanuts, and some cotton balls. Then we took a piece of cardboard, and then I taped some q-tips onto the bottom of my cups. Then when we got the real egg We put it in the paper cup tape on the second cup. then we taped the cup onto the cardboard. Then we were done with our home for the egg.

Define the Problem

Our problem was with our contraption was that the designs kept on not turning out. So we just went with our gut, and we just put something together. Then we went with it.

Develop ideas, Choose best idea and improved

We tested all of our contraptions, but the first one we did didn't work at all it just kept on flipping over. So our second idea was a little piece of card board, and sides for the egg wouldn't slide off, but when I did it just kept hitting the ground and bouncing off. So our third and final one was on the day we were dropping we had to put something together quick, and we made a perfect one that we think was good enough to use.

If I could do it again, would I ?

I would do it again, because when we were done with our project it looked bad, and because if I could I would know what I would already now. Then I would because, we got our egg to survive witch was a big shocker for me. I thought it was going to survive.