Great Depression

Davion Beckom


1. The Great Derpession started in 1929

2. A main thing that happend in tduring the time was when the stock market crashed

3. Many banks ran out of money

4. Many people got bank-rupt

5. People lost there jobs

6. The Great Depression ended in 1940 when F.D.R created jobs and projects for everyone

Important Events

1. There was thousands of people trying to get their money out of the bank

2. Worldwide banks had no money

3. Thousands of people became homlesss in one weak

4. World War II in 1939

5. When WW2 ended the depression ended also

6. The Dust Bowl

Key People F.D.R

F.D.R he was the president of the time. F.D.R made promises that everything would get better. He was president at the time of WW2. F.D.R made jobs for everyone.