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I don't remember who said it, but it was said. "Beware the Ides of March"

We call it Lent and if we really take it seriously, it will not be fun. It is a time of 40 days or so to take our spiritual pulse and pressure. We hope we will reach the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead better than when we began. It takes courage to face some of the things that we are still hanging on to, lack of forgiveness, resentment of long standing, past hurts and wounds that are still bleeding, and reconciliation of families just to mention a few.

If you who read this every want to talk about any of that, the office is open every day of the week. We cannot guarantee the quality of the coffee but the pot is always on.

During the Lenten season we will be having some light suppers on Wednesday's followed by a program of interest.

The schedule with details is elsewhere in this months epistle. Hope we all take advantage of those opportunities.

There is a sign up list if you wish to help on one of the weeks.

Bless some one today,

Fr. Charlie

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Our little choir will be practicing on Wed. evenings at 7:00. No experience necessary.

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Brass Rubbing

Our Brass Rubbing classes are every Saturday at 10am. Everyone is welcome to come learn this long lost art.

We will have a booth at Scarborough Faire. It will be the first 4 weeks in April and we are in need of volunteers to work the booth.

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We pray for those who are ill and those seeking the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit:

Ervin, Mack, Rick, Alex, Kathleen, Nate, & his family, Berterad, Cassie, Mara, Lawrence, Susan, Kim, Audrey, Leslie, Jordand, Coleta, Norma, Charlie, Ron and Ronnie.

We pray for those who are fighting cancer and long term illnesses:

Jennifer, Jesse, Destri, Nanzea, Tomas, Birgit, Sally, Jim, Rafael, Roger, Less, Jesse, Carol and all Hospice Patients with their families.

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You can Click Here or on the Link Above and see the whole year online!

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Please let me know if a link is broken, or if you'd like to see more or other information.

I am looking for input on how this is going for you all! Please any input is appreciated as we make this transition from paper to electronic newsletters.

Thank you,


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St. Thomas Episcopal Church

901 Park Street

P.O. Box 475

Ennis, TX 75119-0475

Office: (972) 875-2423

  • Services Every Sunday—10:00 a.m.
  • Children’s Sunday School—9:45am-10:45am
  • Luncheon—1st Sunday each month after services
  • Daughters of the King—3rd Sunday at 11:30, following services.
  • Vestry Meeting—2nd Sunday each month after services
  • Office Hours—Daily 9a.m. to 1p.m.

Please note: The office follows the USPS Holiday Schedule

Contact Persons:

Priest in Charge

Fr. Charlie Keen (214) 725-5328, e-mail

Church Administrator/Treasurer

Kim Devrow—(972) 875-2423 Office

(214) 773-6544 Mobile

Altar Guild Director

Betty Glaspy—(972) 878-6304


Kathy Azevedo—(972) 875-8194


Class of 2019

Linda Waldrop - (214) 236-5381

Susan Cooks—(972) 743-4045

Class of 2020

Betty Glaspy—(972) 878-6304, Sr. Warden

Jennifer Wartsbaugh—(407) 620-4914

Class of 2021

Roger Pecinovsky—(214) 883-1814, Jr. Warden

Birgit Dill—(972) 505-8692


The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas