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Sherri Wright, M.Ed., Counselor

Region 7 Federal Programs Specialist
Greetings School Nurses,

I hope you are having a wonderful school year. I know you have been super busy with Vision, Hearing, and Scoliosis screenings. This is the first quarterly newsletter going out to school nurses participating in the Health, PE, and School Nurse Contract. Please let me know if I can assist you as you strive to meet the needs of the students and staff on your campus.

Sherri Wright

The Texas Guide to School Health Programs

UPDATED! School Health Services Staff Roles: Definitions of staff that you may find providing health services in a school, as defined by the Texas School Health Advisory Committee.
UPDATED! Selected State and Federal School Health Laws-2014 Update: The attached document is meant as a resource tool in assisting school nurses or other school health personnel in locating selected laws that relate to school health. It is not a full list, but a snapshot of the most frequently requested citations. If you need additional citations the following website is a valuable tool to search for state statutes:
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Five Ways a School Nurse Benefits the School

Attendance - School nurses improve attendance through health promotion, disease prevention and disease management. Students with a full-time school nurse have about half the student illness- or injury-related early releases from school where no school nurse is present.

Academics – Improved attendance means the healthy student is in the classroom and ready to learn. School Nurses enable better performance, which also contributes to reducing drop-out rates.

Time – School nurses save time for principals, teachers and staff. A school nurse in the building saves principals, teachers, and clerical staff a considerable amount of time that they would have spent addressing health concerns of students. A school nurse in the building saves:

• Principals almost an hour a day

• Teachers almost 20 minutes a day

• Clerical staff over 45 minutes a day

Staff Wellness - School nurses improve the general health of staff. According to school reports, principals, teachers, and clerical staff are VERY satisfied with having school nurses in their schools for several reasons:

• Teachers can focus on teaching

• Office staff spend less time calling parents and sending students home

• Healthy staff means increased attendance and productivity

Accountability - School nurses help schools stay accountable.

• Promoting compliance with federal and state law mitigates lawsuits

• Advocating for adequate staffing aligns with Healthy People 2020 recommendations of the ratio of one school nurse per 750 well students (1:750)

• Preparing for emergencies saves lives and property

• Addressing student mental health links to academic achievement

*National Association of School Nurses

Upcoming Events

November 11, 2015- Healthcare Provider CPR, Session #047744

November 18, 2015- Vision Certification, Session #047692

November 19, 2015- Hearing Certification, Session #047694

December 2, 2015- School Nurses Networking Meeting, Session #048676

January 12, 2016- Vision & Hearing Re-Certification, Session #047696

January 13, 2016- Parenting and Paternity Awareness Training, Session #051936

February 3, 2016- Scoliosis/Spinal Screening, Session #047752

February 10, 2016- School Safety Summit, Session #047680

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