The Calming Corner

Ideas for Support During Uncertain Times

First Edition/ Sunday April 5 2020


Each week, members of the Student Support Team at Lowell are here to provide you with resources that can help bring steadiness to your lives during these uncertain times. Each edition of The Calming Corner will have information for the whole family that can provide balance, social-emotional support, and entertainment into your home.

Your house has now turned into a classroom, an office, a gym, but most importantly, still remains your home. Each day may look different and routines are shifting but that is okay. We hope that the resources provided in this newsletter will give you an alternative to academic content and support learning beyond the “classroom.”

Quote of the Day

"Some days, doing 'the best we can' may still fall short of what we would like to be able to do, but life isn't perfect on any front-and doing what we can with what we have is the most we should expect of ourselves or anyone else." Mr. Rogers

Parent Tips and Resources

We know this is a strange time for everyone. We're all learning together how to work, learn, and spend much more time at home and indoors than before. Hopefully, everyone is settling into a new normal routine, whatever that might look like for your family.

Here is the WPS Extended Learning website's information for Social Emotional Learning. It includes tips for emotional wellness, time management, and home activities.

Ten Percent Happier also has many great resources including the appropriately named Corona Virus Sanity Guide!

Here is an article for parents on how to talk to your kids about Coronavirus.

If you need language geared for children on how to explain Coronavirus, here's a handy guide and this cartoon!

Physical Activities

Even though we're all practicing social distancing, it's important to keep active and do something inside or outside each day especially as the weather gets warmer! Whether it's taking a walk in your neighborhood, doing yoga, or just having a dance party!

At school, we use GoNoodle regularly but if you're interested in trying something new check out Fitness Blender. They offer quick 25 minute in-home workouts for kids!

And don't forget to check out the PE teachers' Smore for fun activities.

Mindfulness Activities

Equally as important as exercising our bodies is exercising our minds. This has been a strange and unknown time for families, students, and teachers alike and it can cause stress and anxiety for everyone. None of the mindfulness activities are intended to take a long time, just set aside 3 to 4 minutes!

One thing that we've found helpful is practicing mindfulness. Some apps to help our mindfulness practice include Mindful Powers (available for Apple and Android devices), SOS Method (available for Apple and Android devices).

If you want to unplug and practice mindfulness that's a great idea too! Find a comfortable spot, settle in, and try to focus on something that brings you joy (a fun memory, your favorite spot, maybe your favorite food). Remember why you appreciate the item that you chose. Focus on your breath and try to make your inhales match your exhales (i.e. 5 counts in and 5 counts out). Just focus and relax.

And for fun ways for kids to practice mindful breathing, we love the book "Alphabreaths" by Christopher Willard. This week, start with Alligator breaths.

Big picture

Table Talk

At your next family mealtime, try these fun conversation starters:

1. If you could have any 3 wishes in the world right now, what would you wish for?

2. You have to pick one food to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a year. What would you choose?

3. What is something that makes you laugh?

Community Resources

Make your own Calm Down Corner in your home! At school, our classrooms have Calming Corners where we can all take a break. This handy guide gives strategies to create your own!

Compiled by the Lowell Student Support Team

Kelley Cochrane - School Psychologist

Brian Connors - Behavior Specialist

Melina Jacovides - Guidance Counselor

Crystal Johnson - Social Worker

Greg Roberts - Team Chair

If you have any questions and you're not sure who to ask; reach out to your guidance counselor:

or school psychologist: We're here to help:)