Jacob Barkley

Who i am

My life

Hi my name is Jacob and i am a huge gamer i love to play games that require logic, skill, and fun. My family is nice, mean (my dad), and awesome at the same time (Mom, Cats, and Benjamin). I have 2 brothers, 1 step brother 1 sister, 2 boy cats, 1 dog. I love to play Minecraft, black ops 2, call of duty Ghosts, Advanced warfare, half life 2, Geometry dash, The Battle Cats, etc. I have a tablet, an Xbox, a Ps3, and a flat screen TV. I live in TX, Buda Shadow Creek. My dad is manipulative (manipulates your mind), my sister, brother, step brother, and baby brother are under his spell. I love to play any game when I don't have to move at all.

Here are some pictures of about me!