Shakespeare's World

By: Sarah Behme and Derek Pawlowski


  • Sir Francis Drake started to navigate the world in 1577 for riches
  • Martin Frobisher searched Canada for gold and shortcut to orient in 1570's


  • Sir Francis Drake ends search in 1580's
  • Sir Humphry Gilbert tried to find Newfoundland
  • John Davis traveled the farthest any English man has 72 degrees north 1585-87
  • Trade increased with England and Russia 1588
  • William got married in 1582
  • First daughter Susanna born in 1583
  • Twins born in 1585 names hamnet and Guidith


  • Williams son hamnet died in 1596 at 11 years old


  • More people were learning to read
  • Number of colleges doubled
  • William didn't act after 1603

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