Texas Energy Exploration Brookshire

Brookshire Salt Dome Project

Texas Energy Exploration LLC - Brookshire Salt Dome Project

We have been in the field for several years now, acquiring minerals, leases, completing title work and legal opinions, land surveys, conducting geological analyses of all data including 3D Seismic, Neozoic geophysical, and then having wells drilled on several of our leases.

The majority of the wells, (over 20), were drilled by industry associates, and have generated significant Oil & Gas sales, as well as proven up the acreage. Also, the new well data has helped to locate reservoirs, faults, etc., all of which now benefits us in the drilling of these offset locations into the newly proven sands, with multiple pay zones.

We believe that this is a truly Golden Opportunity to participate in this modern day Oil & Gas Boom, and many of the offset locations are at the flank, which have historically been the most prolific producers in Salt Domes. Some Salt Dome flanks have produced over 1,000,000 BO per acre!

Spindletop near Beaumont is a prime example of the tremendous potential that Salt Domes can provide, as is the Raccoon Bend Dome just to the north of the Brookshire Salt Dome.

We are very fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time, and to have taken the appropriate action to secure the locations.