The Printing Press

The Printing Press is the real deal.

The Printing Press

Are you sick of writing lots of books with just your hands. Feel no more with the PRINTING PRESS. If you are then this is the thing for YOU!!!

What does it do?

The printing press is a frame of blocks with letters on them. All you have to do is put ink on them place a piece of paper on it and press the paper with the letter blocks then BAM you have a poster.

How can it help us?

Well the printing press made our lives easier by not writing books, but by printing them quicker and more efficient. The second way this has helped us is because if we didn’t have this we wouldn’t have magazines, books, posters, and more. The printing press also made it easier for people to get their education by spreading knowledge. The printing press also helped people to know what was going on in their town. The last reason why this invention is the greatest is because NO MORE CARPAL TUNNEL.


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