Poetry Project

by Joshua wan

I Wish

I Wish

I wish I had 8 hours of sleep

I wish I had no homework

I wish I had a million dollars

I wish I had a new computer

I wish I had a tropical island to live on

I wish I had a fancy modern house

I wish I had only one day of school

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

Ballad: Legend of Chuck Norris

A long time ago

Chuck Norris sat on his throne

He looked at the world

and leaped off his throne to join it.

Landed with a BOOM

and made a crater

He climbed out of the crater and surveyed the land

He saw a world covered in snow

The land was hard like ice.

As he was traversing the land

out of nowhere yetis attacked

Chuck grew so angry he could burst that the creatures could attack him.
His hands grew big and smashed together

and the world moved fast as lightning knocking the yetis off.

That is why there is no more yetis on the Earth

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Free Verse: The king and his 8

The king demanded the people to compensate

For he saw something that made him frustrate

He called his advisers to debate

and said You wot m8?

They told him his fate

The thing he saw was his own weight

So he got into his car to drive onto the interstate

He hired someone to impersonate

While he was away so he chose one of his advisers to nominate

He went to classes to lose his weight

While he attended the classes he found his mate

He felt like a enzyme and its substrate

His soul went to allocate

space in his heart for this new mate

Everything he thought was of her he became infatuate

So he went up to her to ask for a date

He asked without the hesitate

She accepted and they planned the date

The king took her to the next state

They sat in a restaurant and received their plate

When the king's advisers heard of the date

They went on their iPhone's to rate


The king and his mate

did not get along on the date

She got so angry she got him castrate

So now he can no longer rhyme in 8

The end

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