The North and South Times

Washington DC weather for the week

Temperature in the 40s for the Week

Sunday, March 3

High: 45 degrees

Low: 33 degrees

Mostly Sunny

Monday, March 4

High: 47 degrees

Low: 30 degrees

Partly Cloudy

Tuesday, March 5

High: 44 degrees

Low: 29 degrees

Partly Cloudy/Wind

Wednesday, March 6

High: 49 degrees

Low: 32 degrees

Mostly Sunny

Thursday, March 7

High: 39 degrees

Low: 36 degrees


Friday, March 8

High: 44 degrees

Low: 34 degrees

Partly Cloudy

Saturday, March 9

High: 48 degrees

Low: 35 degrees

Partly Cloudy

*All degrees are in Fahrenheit

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The week looks partly cloudy