Paul Revere

By: Cara Delaney


Paul Revere was a very important person to American History . Many people wonder "Who was Paul Revere?"or"Who was Paul Revere's family?"And lastly "Why was he famous" all of those questions will be answered and more!

"Who was Paul Revere?''

Paul Revere was born in the the north end of Boston in 1734. Paul started a silversmith

business at the age of fifteen and added bells to the Old North Church . Paul was a very fair person,who believed in fairness and did not like to be the boss of others.Most of his life was ringing church bells, and also participated in the Boston Tea Party that answered the question "Who was Paul Revere?"

"Who was Paul Revere's family?"

Paul was in fact from a large family he is was not the only child, he had twelve siblings,and was the third out of them all.His father tought him almost every thing he knew about silversmithing .In August of 1757 he married Sara Orne. Shortly after their last baby Sarah died,and then he married Rachel Walker in 1773,Paul had eight children with Sara,and eight children with Rachel.

"Why was Paul Revere famous?"

Paul Revere was known for many of things,for example he participated in the Boston Tea Party

And also,was an extraordinary silversmith ,and also took the midnight ride and said "The regulars are coming" not only did he also get famous for the poem "Paul Revere's Ride" by : Henry Wadsworth but also he got arrested that is why Paul Revere is famous.


I hope you agree that Paul Revere was important to American History, and about who he was and his family life and also about how he became famous! I hope you enjoyed the ride (pun intended)


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  • Old North Church;"Old North Church is the more common name for Christ church in Boston and is the oldest church edifice in the city"