A blend of European and Latin culture.

Cultural, Activities, & Entertainment

There are multiple cultural holidays such as the May Revolution (May 25th) and Argentina Flag Day (June 20th) that are celebrated nationwide!


Argentina is a republic, with their current president being Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Fun Facts!

-Argentina has a large population of around 42 million!-Thier common currency is pesos (1usd = 15 pesos)-Thier Independence day is July 9th


In Argentina, barbecue is extremely popular in culture. You'll find things being cooked like spanish pealla (A large pan of chicken, rice, and spices), Empinadas (Basically a meat pillow), and locro (a stew made of corn, meat, cherizos, and other veggies).

Things to see!

Natural landforms like the Ibera wetlands, and the Perito Moreno glacier are surely sights to see while in Argentina. But there are also sights such as the Argentina flag memorial that give interesting history about the nation.
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