Riley Wisnefske

Responsibilities of You Using Credit

1. Keeping you promise to repay the loan

2. Make payments on time regardless of billing notices

3. Continue to make payments while waiting for deferment and forbearance approval

Responsibilities Creditors have to You for Using Credit

1. Lower payments, freeze accounts, or reduce interest charges and/or impose late charges

2. Will continue to contact you until you have paid through the debt management program or until proposals have been accepted

3. Creditors will continue to send client statements unless the client says otherwise

What Should You do if You are Denied Credit?

1. Review the denial letter, so you know why the bank denied you.

2. Ask the bank why they will not lend the money, or if you have any kind of questions pertaining to the denial letter.

3. Request your credit report, so that you can look at you credit history and the risks that you have taken.

4. Review you credit score, so you know what's causing it to be poor, and work to improve it.

5. Take action to correct your credit through improving your credit score ore consulting any kind of credit report inaccuracies that there may be.

6. After the problems are fixed, apply again.