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FM9 student-led News Source: January 27,2015

How to Take Care of a Pet

To take care of a pet it take a lot of responsibility! You have to feed it, interact with it, and take it outside. If your pet is a fish or anything that can swim, I recommend you not take it outside. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your pet!

One of the ways to take care of all pets is to feed/ give them water. If you have a dog you are supposed to feed them in the morning and in the afternoon, also give it water every day. Take your dog outside in the morning, when you get home from school, and whenever they bark at the door. If you have a cat, then you feed it the same time you would do with a dog. However you have to change their litter once a week. If you have a fish then just feed twice a day and give a pinch of food

You are going to have to interact with your pet to keep them healthy. You have to buy them chew toys. Also if you have a dog you should take them on a walk, it would keep them healthy and you can get some exercise! Hopefully these tips help you in the future.

Writen by Emily Hatch